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Letter from home


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(in advance i wanna say sorry for the long list starting it all)



Somewhere in the Mojave desert, Nevada, 2287.


A man in a dusty, brown old hooded coat, wearing a brown hat, a pair of desert colored pants taken from an old desert ranger uniform, boots from the same uniform, your standard issue tough guy black fingerless leather gloves, a colorful cowboy style bandana wrapped around his neck, and an short sleeved shirt grunted as he sat down by his campfire to rest his legs after yet another day of running errands and fighting off fiends. He had been given a letter last time he was at a post office and kept it for reading when he had the time. And now was an opportunity when he actually had time to read it so he opened it up and found a piece of paper, obviously a letter, and a necklace consisting of two bullets with some kind of odd ,vaguely familiar, engravings on them, he hanged the necklace around his neck and started reading the letter;



“To Mr. Morgan Hollister, loner and courier.

I hope you enjoy my gift old friend and that you are sitting down, because I’m about to do what I promised and tell you what have happened since we met back in megaton when I first came out of the vault. I did manage to find a good number of friends, including a friendly super mutant (not often you find one of those eh?) and I found a pet, a dog named Dogmeat who I found in a scrapyard, faithfully defending the body of his old master who was slain by raiders. And I did manage to find my dad, but that joy didn’t last long because when I tried to help my dad start a massive water purifier he made a long while before I was born the enclave attacked and dad sacrificed himself to stop their progress (we did manage to get his body from them through a daring use of stealth and gave him a proper funeral). During that funeral I met with my old friend Amata again, apparently she opened up the vault after I convinced her father to step down as overseer and letting her take over. That was the day when she decided to join me in my travels, and now that everything has calmed down with the enclave gone and all we have gotten married. Who knew that a super mutant could be such a good baby sitter? Hehe I better tell you about that too, we have kids now too, two beautiful twins, a girl and a boy. We’ve talked and since you helped me so much we agreed to let you be the godfather of the son.


Well I got to go now, but take care my friend!


Best regards, your buddy Mike


PS: Keep an eye out for a lady named Orchid Rayne, she might seem a bit harsh but she is a good friend of mine and I think you would like her, she helped me and Amata a lot too, but you clearly helped me the most.


Oh well got to stop writing now, Amata is calling. Take care and pet your wolf from me!”


Morgan put down the letter again, picked up a bottle of scotch and laughed:


“Cheers to you Wanderer, you lucky devil”

he then took a sip and looked off into the sunset

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Enjoyed reading the 'letter' Mike. It gave a whole new approach to the Fallout 3 main quests in a very compact but descriptive form that spoke of character, relationships and events very well.


No real need to be sorry about anything here except maybe some missing capital letters as in 'megaton' but somehow that just added to the feel of your piece.


Honorary kudos!!!!

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Crap, I never commented on this?!?! I read this months ago. Not gonna stand for that.


Long story short, out of all your fanfics, this is my favorite. It brings this weird mix of nostalgia and joy to the reader's mind (I know that sounded cheesy, shuddup.) And I really enjoyed it.


Ima go see if I haven't given you kudos already, which I very likely have. If not, that heinous crime shall quickly be corrected :P

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