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Ok I know that the Nexus deals with mostly PC gaming but I can't get the assistance I'm wanting over on the bethesda.net site so I want to talk with all of you guys and girls. I have a few requests that I'm wanting brought into the Fallout 4 mod landscape (for the Xbox One).

-The first request that I would like done is to have the Halo Reach armor brought into Fallout 4. (Male and Female variants, mostly female)

-Another request would be to have Captain Phasma from Star Wars be brought into Fallout 4. (Her armor, cape, and blaster)

-Lastly, I would enjoy some Halo weaponry like the MA5B rifle, the M6D pistol, and the DMR from Reach.


Thank you all for your time. Like I said before I know you focus on PC here but service on bethesda forums suck so I would like to ask here since I know people are more likely to read here. So if anyone would like to take these requests on, send me a PM to work out some details. Thanks everyone, again.


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