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Make more types of headgear compatible with power armor


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I really loved the Institute Tech Mask by Niero because it not only looks cool and comes with lots of customization options, but seemed like it could FINALLY solve a problem I've always had with using power armor. It really annoys me that you have to choose between either using a power armor helmet that completely covers your character's face, equip a dumb-looking mining helmet, or go without a light source when using power armor. I was hoping that using the Tech Mask would allow me to have access to a flashlight while using power armor without concealing my character's head, but instead I found that wearing power armor prevents many types of head gear from showing up and working properly, even when they remain marked as being equipped in your inventory. I was honestly DUMBFOUNDED when I was unable to find any mods that address this issue. If anyone has the knowhow to rectify this oversight then consider this an official mod request. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a mod that has already fixed this problem, then kindly reply below.

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