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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III (A Fallout 4 Mod) Help Needed!

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Hello, my name is Jacob. I am currently well underway of the creation of a fallout 4 mod that will take place in the star wars universe and cover the story of what should have been the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III. It will feature new environments and custom content, as well as a couple hours of story quests, blasters and lightsabers, and force powers. (Lightsabers and force powers courtesy of other fallout 4 modders). For more information, as well as screenshots please visit the ModDB site for this mod where I will post new screenshots and information, and coordinate efforts. You can view the ModDB page here. I wanted to make a post here to reach as many people who may be able to help me as possible.


I have the environments (including interiors) about 30% complete for this, and I have confidence I can complete everything I need for the mod environment wise. I also feel like I can manage the questing features. I do however, need help creating Armors for the game (like Jedi Robes and sith trooper armors, etc), as well as Creature models (Like tarantateks and tuk'ata's) and I will need help writing a complex and interesting story free of typos and such, and with more drama than i can come up with. I have a general Idea of where the story is going, but i need people to help think up names and such for npc's as well as dialogue and all that. If you are a 3d modeller and can help me create the armors or creature models but know nothing about fallout 4 modding, I can take completely static meshes with textures and probably get them in the game (havent done this yet but feel confident in my abilities), I just suck at modelling and texturng clothes and creatures. So yeah, if anyone wants to help just post here and lemme know or send me an email at [email protected] :)

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