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Your favorite type of Mod.


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Grettings and Salutations. :smile:


What's your favorite type of mod ?


Bug Fixes, Overhauls, New Textures, New Weapons, New Armors, New Quests, Goffy Mods, Immersive Mods, Sounds Overhauls, Adult Mods, Mods that restore cut content:


There's an infinite amount so, what's yours ?


Mines are: Bug Fixes, Retextures and Sounds.

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My absolute favorite mods are those like SMIM (Static Mesh Improvement Mod). Mods that improve the models and textures of objects in the game. I'm not much for new and expansive quests or new areas, I'm more for improving what is already in the game.

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thats a great question, and a keen observation -

time and ERoEI seem more the limits for mods than anything else hehe.




I enjoy many different kinds of mods,

though, to limit it to my favorite ones -

it's ones that add whole new features,

make things interoperable that I didn't think was possible,

as well as sound and foley or dynamic textures.


I have to admit though,

I am in awe of the awesome a lot of modders can do.

They can do things I'd never think of in a buh-zillion years.

seeing folks collaborate on mods, or where prolific uber-modders can do so many different kinds,

its awesome to see.


they add nCr, nPr... n^X worth of new combinations to games,

it's awesome.

take retro-modders and retro8Bit gamers,

they're doing stuff on systems, that we never thought then could be possible,

and its a real 'what-the?!" as to, why earlier games didn't form using techniques which

may have been known back then.


it carries all the way forward to the present era of gaming.

now, we're nearing to "living agreements", and rapid-prototyped games that are more fleshed out by

outsourced devs - the modders. it's a huge difference to where Games and gaming began.

though, that's a tangent for another time



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I like the mods that kept my short term memory working. Mods that made the journey from point A to point B a visually enjoyable experience instead of like a cartoon strip in the news paper.


I like mods that created a cliff hanger challenging me to figure out the solution, but didn't spoil the fun while doing so by being one of those parts the company left out the completion point for various reasons.


I like the mods that make the story for a character we stop to talk to have a beginning through and onto an ending.


I found a mod for Morrowind which gave the game a larger selection of animal, mineral, and vegetable goods for Alchemy and when I did I started to enjoy making potions.


I'll be playing a game later this afternoon that I would like to see have more animal, mineral, and vegetable content on one map so I don't have to spend so much time hopping from one to the other to find stuff I need to fulfill a the task in the beginning of the game for making an armor chest piece. I already mined all of one the minerals and can't find 7 more to complete the required parts.


I like Mods that I thought would mend a quest in a game I began playing through which gave me the desire to save the day, but instead lost my focus.

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More land, more quests, and more couriers for me to kill in skyrim 


One of the ones I hope to play is my big project Highfell 

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