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Osex Nudity help

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No underwear mods installed


Did you install a nude body replacer for females (e.g. CBBE, UUNP) and for males (SoS, SAM - both not on the Nexus)? Without them, no nudity.


Been a while, since I played around with OSA/OSex. If I remember right, there was a simple "take off everything" button in the scene navigation menu. Always worked. You don't need to change slots - this option is only for situations, where mod authors don't follow the meanwhile very common standard slots.

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Not an expert regarding Argonians, but yes, there are texture replacers - at least for CBBE (female) and SoS (male).

Something like this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62574/? The mod's author made texture replacers - both male and female - for the two "beast" races. See if you like - that's about what you can get. AFAIK, there are some more variants out there - some on the Nexus, some on Loverslab (which is generally the place to go if you're into "adult" stuff).

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I got to the undies, but do I need a separate mod to be completely nude? I'd like it to not automatically make everyone nude when they lose their armor/clothing, however, only with the 'undress' option with osex. I certainly don't see any other option myself.

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