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UV In Nifskope messed up


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Hi, long time fan of mods for tes-series, first time trying something myself (been on it for the past 2 weeks)

so i've been trying for ever, to get a 3D model to work in skyrim and s***'s just messed up and i'm really starting to lose my patience with nifskope. what a mess. total bugshow.
i made a sword model, made textures etc. and everything works up to the point i have to expose myself to nifskope. it's a total disaster.

nifskope takes the UV map i - to my knowledge, correctly created, and just starts making random connections i did not specify. however, in maya and mudbox, the UVmap looks totally fine. even on re-import. just terriffic. teremendous.
in order to troubleshoot, i created a simple pyramide shape in c4d, i stiched together the edges of the UV in maya and imported it into nifskope, where again, it got messed up. nifskope sewed the tips of the triangles together, so now the UV map doesn't match anymore. see attached files.

i read that .obj files can cause problems, so i tried it with .3ds files. most of the time i get the error, that the UV couldn't be loaded. it worked once, UV-map looked the way i intended but even though the textures were placed correctly in nifskope, it messed them up. just a bad (or sick) tool.


in an effort to rule out my own wrongdoing, i exported the daedricsword (from skyrim's official nif) from nifskope as an .obj, opened it in c4d and saved it under another name. no changes. i imported it again, looks worse than the american economy. i didn't generate the UV, it's the original from bethesda and it's just a yuge pile of lines. so it can't be me.


i currently use nifskope version 1.2.0 alpha 2. some people recommend 1.1.0 rc6 i tried to download it but it's gone from the internet. 2.0.0 doesn't even support file import, not sure what's the point.

i wanted to learn how to model for skyrim but if that's how it works (by losing your mind over the world's biggest mess of a program), i might aswell just give up.

cheers, donald


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My guess would be that there is something wrong with the export options of the .nif plugin, as I've never seen Nifskope make unwanted changes to the UV map the way you are decribing.


Also to properly work with Skyrim SE meshes you will need Nifskope 2.0.


Also the Niftools Team have purposely disable the "Import" function, I think to avoid legal issues with the owners of the .nif copyright. They have said repeatedly that they will never (to their knowledge) implement features that will in any way shape or form aid in the "automation" of mesh "porting" Which is now becoming almost endemic.


You can however, use Outfit Studio to import .obj files and export them as .nif files.

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no i'm not using .nif plugin (i assume you mean bender?) look at my attached pics. left is UV map in maya, and right is the UV map after i import the .OBJ to nifskope. and i don't work with skyrim SE models, just normal skyrim. also, how do i import .obj files to nifskope if import is disabled?

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does anyone have nifskope RC5, they could send me? as you may have noticed, they took it down everywhere on the internet. can't be found. i feel like nifskope is becoming worse with every new release.

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I didn't say import the .obj into Nifskope. Import the .obj into Outfit Studio and export it from that program as a .nif. Then you can open it in Nifskope.


Even Maya must use a plugin or script of some sort to export .nif files, as no program (except Nifskope and Bodyslide/Outfit Studio) can save them natively.


Outfit Studio is probably the best option, as it is designed specifically for the .nif versions used in the various games, just make sure to select the correct game in the Bodyslide Settings, so that Outfit Studio uses the correct skeleton and options/versions for the .nif you wish to create.


There are tens of thousands of people successfully using these tools to create meshes for the game, so I'll advise again, that there is most likely some setting or option that you have incorrect when exporting the meshes from Maya.

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Thank you so friggin much Perraine

drove me crazy, your method worked. searched the internet far and wide, not one page suggested what you did. worked for me


finished my sting. finally i can proceed with modding skyrim


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I got the exact same problem.

I try to make a weapon, very simple for begin.

I did everything fine. It looks like the diffse map s completly messed up

How do you manage with Outfit Studio?

When I try, I got a broken nif, broken tree without textures or nitrishape...


Can someone help me?

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ok I figured it out ;) Thanks everyone for the clues you gave !


For those who will have the same problem :

As you can see when you click on "edit uv" on nifskope, the uv map is messed up.


So before editing your nif files,

Import your .obj files in outfit studio (oldrim version) and save them as .nif (uv map is now correct)


Open your new .nif in Nifskope (1.2 is ok for me )

and export the NitriShape to a new .obj (with good uv map !)


Then do your textures in any software


At the end, you will have to scale the .obj to the game size.

Go back to c4d or else, and rescale the .obj (with good uv maps) according to a game base file (by extracting a .nif from the game) and save each part of your project at this size.


Then re edit the mod's nif files with these new .obj.


Done !!!


I have to say that I succeed on a very simple mesh and textures. Some other problems may appear.

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