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Warhammer 40k Mod


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Bolters, scouts, assault marines, devastators, tacticals, techmarines, and more!


The Players could be part of the Deathwatch, The aliens replaced with tyranids with hybrids as Advent


Scouts could be recruits, armed with boltguns


SpecialistsCould be Techamarines, and could be given servo skulls.


Sparks could be replaced by centurions


Grenadiers could become Devastators


Rangers could be Assault Marines without jump packs and given bolters. The jump packs could be part of a special armor for them with the same effect as the Icarus armor. It could have two different melee weapon trees with the sword and axe. Chainsword<Power Sword<Relic Power Sword. The Axe could go One-Sided Power Axe<Two-Sided Power Axe< Relic Power Axe


Unfortunately I'm out of time for right now, hopefully I can edit this later, but the idea is there.

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