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Dual Sheath Redux sheathed weapons in the wrong place.


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Hey, so I'd just like to start off this thread by saying I know how to use Dual Sheath Redux, I've been using it for a couple years no problems I haven't fixed before. However this problem has triggered me to no end. I use my swords and daggers on my hip and the sheathed location on my characters body has changed, the dagger is now where the sword goes and the sword has moved towards my characters back ever so slightly. So when I'm using the Equipping Overhaul Mod (which I have also used for ages) the dagger and sword clip into each other and look horrible. The Axe's sheathed location has also changed so that it is basically pretending to be a sword, it's angled weirdly and pushed back hanging nearer my character's back than my waist. This really annoys me as it wasn't 2 hours ago everything was fine and the weapons didn't collide with each other and look awful.


It started with the weapon equipped in my left hand appearing on the floor between my character's legs when it was sheathed. Then I started reinstalling mods, like DSR, Equiping Overhaul, XPMS, and Immersive Animations. After hours of having no idea what is going on, how I'm supposed to fix it, I ended up installing XMPSE and using the race menu to manually adjust the positions to how I like them. Does anyone have any idea of what might have happened? It's hard to explain exactly what is going on but I hope you kind of have an idea. I'll post some pics of what it should be like, and the problem.



This is what it looked like before it all happened:




This is what happened:




Sorry about any punctuation and grammar mistakes it's 3:30am and I have work in the morning but I couldn't let this beat me so I stayed up all night.

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