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A Mount and Blade (Calradia/Rome/Medieval) world in Skyrim?


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For years, I am always thinking if some mod group make another total conversation in Skyrim base on the Mount and Blade setting. Note: what I am saying is a total conversion roleplay of Skyrim ! It is base on the Skyrim system, not Mount and Blade system ! The mod team can start from the land of Calradia, which has much less cities than the Rome/Medieval world.






Everyone plays M&B should know it is not a good action game, even Skyrim has better combat system than it. If there is a total conversion mod, though skyrim might not support large battles like M&B, but smaller battles in different stage with more detailed fight is also attractive ! And the only problem is to have a mod to npc AI that attack the same faction will not result unnecessary fighting. The horse fight should be noticed as well. Open cities is preferred, civilians can't escape war.


About npc interaction, Skyrim is certainly better than M&B. Marriage system, xlovers... no need to mention! And about the world-space landscape and exploration of new location, M&B can't match at all. All cities in M&B has only the stores and castle hall to entry, it is too poor compare to Skyrim. Personally, I accept there is some similarities among the castles, but I can't accept each castle has only one hall to visit. I don't think they has improved this in the new M&B 2. Some dungeons can be kept as well, maybe the homes of bandits. In this case, even reproduce the whole Calradia, the size will be just the same as a clear Skyrim without DLCs.


Everyone says M&B has a sort of strategy, Skyrim just can't copy this. True in some points, but aren't you just able to control yourself in M&B? It's not total war, you can't have god view in the game. But I believe the npc AI will make up for this point. Also a constructing of dozens of factories, army camps, public facilities can be introduced here. I mean taking to certain npcs to purchase the construction which then you can see and visit later. Then these construction will improve the economy, health and people's relationship, a bit like total war. For instance, if bad economy, bad relationship, there will be more bandits gangs in your territory and higher rebelling rate. If bad health, the army's ability will decrease. Maybe that's how you call macro- strategy?


Why not produce a mod base on Mount and blade 2? First, I don't M&B2 has large improvement than M&B warband, maybe just the graphics. Second, the world explosion in Skyrim system will never be challenged by M&B2, even there might be less commands in battlefields. Well, you don't fight in different maps in Skyrim, the whole world is connected. Navy battles is not impossible. Third, Skyrim has born for 6 years, there are already thousands resource to use and itself is a rich world.


P.s; I am a M&B fan as well, I want both games to improve. But the preview of M&B2 made me a little disappointed, just like a re-make of the first one.

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