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Passive unarmored/common clothes buffs

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So I'm currently playing as my typical companion first, Nord character using two handed and heavy armor, and I recently just did the quest diplomatic immunity. I gave all my armor to Malborn and ran to bits and pieces because I was buck naked aside from my shoes and hood, so I could get myself a common belted tunic to wear while I walked to the stables to meet Delphene, and to my surprise, I found it actually looked rather good when combined with a simple un-enchanted mage hood and face cover as a thieves outfit.

This however was rather useless to me because even if I was playing as a thief, the belted tunic, or any other common clothes item for that matter, had almost no benefit over light armor.


So basically, I'm hoping for a mod that makes it (at least somewhat) worth it for a hardcore thief or rogue to wear no armor at all on his torso and head, in any way not involving magic, either enchantments or spells. If there are any overhauls that already do this, or anything similar, I'd love to hear about them, thank you!

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