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Mod Troubles & Conflicts


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I had a great deal of trouble getting mods to working at. NMM didn't work. Installing manually didn't work. What did work, at least initially, was Mod Organizer. I started out with just a handful of mods:


  • DEF_UI
  • Everyone's Best Friend
  • Companion Infinite Ammo


These all worked great. So I decided to install a few more:


  • Scrap Everything
  • Thematic and Practical
  • Sim Settlements
  • Scrappy Signs
  • Main Box
  • Eisenwolf's Legacy
  • Symbiotic Settlements
  • Settlement Keywords Expanded


Some of these were just required by the mods that I really wanted. Mostly I was interested in Scrap Everything. I went to town in Sanctuary scraping all the debris, trash, leave piles, etc. When it was nice and tidy. I started to build some things and saw that the settlement building menu was missing things. I couldn't build walls or any generator other than than the fusion one, for example. Obviously there was some sort of conflict.


So I exited the game, remove Thematic and Practical, and tried to restart it. But Mod Organizer was spitting errors. I couldn't get it to launch the game. So I reinstalled that as well. I could never get it to start the game, so I went back to using the original shortcut. The game launched. Yea! Everyone's Best Friend and DEF_UI were working. Yea again! But all the work i did with Scrap Everything in Sanctuary and elsewhere was undone. And worse, Scrap Everything wasn't working. I tried multiple things to get it functional again, but to no avail.


I'm not that far into the game, but I have discovered 5-6 settlements, gotten to Diamond City, etc and I'd hate to restart if I have to. Also, I'd never know if this issue would come back. So any suggestions to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.







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I found a solution that solved the problem. Downloaded the Universal missing menus fixer:






Just installed this mod via Mod Organizer and all the missing Settlement Categories returned AND Scrap Everything started working again. I'm a happy wastelander!

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You'll want to put anything that touches menus near the top of your load order AWKCR, AE/WE, then anything that touches cells. Usually you'll also want scrap mods at the bottom. I had some issues with Spring Cleaning and Scrap Everything (individually at first) until I put the scrap mods at the bottom.

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