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Mod coming back from the dead?

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So I recently started a new playthrough of Skyrim when I went to Winterhold. I had a mod that expanded Winterhold to make it bigger, but still keep it in ruins. I decided that I didn't like the mod, so I downloaded another, deleted the first from my Skyrim folder, and played. However, the first mod was still being used when I got to Winterhold, while also using the second mod I downloaded. When I checked the data folder I found the file i had deleted was back in it. This time, I deleted it again, and emptied my recycle can as well. I booted up Skyrim, went to Winterhold, and the first mod was still in use. I went back to the data folder, and sure enough, the file was still there. I have no clue why this is happening. I've checked both the files I've downloaded from both the nexus and steam, and nothing is showing the mod I had previously downloaded. I can't remember the name of the mod, and the only name in the data folder is "winterhold.exe", without quotes. What's part of the town are a couple of map markers with these areas: Winterhold: Old town, which is just some extra buildings; Winterhold Docks, and Old Ruins, some more ruins down near the shore. Again, i have found nothing in my downloaded files here on the nexus, and can't get rid of the file no matter what I do.


If somebody could at least give me the name of the mod I supposedly have, that would be great.


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If the mod is from Steam, make sure that you are unsubscribed from that mod.


If you have installed it via NMM, be sure to delete the mod from NMM itself. It saves backups for you.


If you manually installed the mod, download the 7z folder again, extract the files to your desktop or something, and use those to make sure you're deleting ALL of the files associated with Windhelm, not just the .esp

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@nonredeemable, I'm pretty sure I got the mod from the nexus, however, I don't remember the mod name. Again, the mods not in my download history here, so I can't redownload it. And I've checked the folder, the .esp file is the only thing there. I also manually download my mods. Please don't question why I don't use NMM, I don't wish to use it.

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