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Settlement building area expansion conflict


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Hello, i was making a simple mod that would expand settlement's buildable area.


I simply selected one of the "box" thingies in the settlement (in creation kit) that mark buildable area and enlarged it and moved a bit to fit my need.


What i noticed is that it comes into conflict with other mod i use, the popular scrapping mod "Spring Cleaning".

It makes sense, after all both of them affect the settlement. I would like to make peace between the two somehow so i could use both but i dont know how to do it and so i have few questions that hopefully someone can help me with.


Is it possible to set those mods up in a way that would allow them both to function?

I tried to select both fallout 4 esm file and spring cleaning esm file while making the mod, i hoped that since the spring cleaning esm was selected that would make it compatible, but it did not, did i do something wrong? can it be done?

I also tried to edit the spring cleaning mod itself, i figured it would be okay since its just a small change for my own use and such, but the mod is in esm file, and i do not know how to edit it so i could change the buildable area boxes, how can i edit esm file?


I also though maybe it would be possible to merge both mods but i think that might cause even more issues.


I think that probably the bast way to go at it would be to do the changes i want in the spring cleaning mod itself, that would (hopefully) not affect scrapping lists/recipes and still enlarge the buildable area for bigger settlements.


Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help me out.




Someone responded to my comment in the mod area and linked a separate mod that patches this issue up ( Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12702/? ), i tried it out and it seems to actually work, i have both spring cleaning and my mod loaded and both seem to work fine and not interfere, buildable area in few settlements that i modded so far is greatly increased and scrapping works fine, already scrapped objects didn't return like they did before. I will continue to test this to see if there are any issues but so far it seem to work well!




I have another question and didn't want to make new topic just for it so i figured maybe ill add it here. The question is how do scrapping recipes work in game and how to add new ones?

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