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Grand Indoor mall Settlement.


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So, I have been binge watching some "Abandoned mall" videos. And in short it just shows old malls from times long past.

Thus, it got me thinking.. Why isn't there a Huge mall settlement? I know of the Haymarket mall, but in honesty it's more of a Mini-mall and not in my opinion Viable to be a settlement.

So in short, I'd love one day to see an indoor mall settlement.

My opinions and suggestions.--

So the Idea I have been having is that there be a huge mall on the outskirts of the Main city. Looted of course, as it would be the first place people would go. Maybe even a Gunner area.

The mall should at least have two floors, and big open pathways. (Normal for malls, and would provide plenty of space for building outside of the inner shops.)
And maybe add a restoration quest for lights, and Radio. ( Just imagine hearing the radio mod "Super duper radio") Or even a quest to de-flood the bottom floors as malls tend to flood when abandoned.

After that, I'd say the rest would be just for flavor. Such as a underground subway, a parking garage, ect.

I'd also probably prefer it to be in the main world, instead of an interior. But that'd probably be impossible unless it was an open mall not an indoor.
AuroraMoon made a good point, I was thinking only about how big raids would work.

But that's all only my opinion. It would just be cool to have this big indoor city you make.. and even rival diamond city.

I honestly wish I could do this myself but I think even for an experience mod creator, this would be a large undertaking.
So instead of letting the idea rot in my brain. Might as well share it.

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