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Change Romance Icon to Default Icon

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Hi there!


Straight to the point.

I'd like to request that a skilled modder simply change the romance icons when in dialog (which then leads to flirting and relationships) to a default or different icon.


The main reason for this is that I want to keep the flirting a secret. And somehow with this method, I feel that the romance in game would feel less blocky and more natural. Like an everyday relationship evolving into more.


I have no modding experience what so ever and I do not in the slightest know how hard this would be to achieve, but I still thought I'd ask.


There are 3 groups of players that might be reading this.

1st, the group who agrees.


2nd, the group who disagrees and prefers to know when romance is initiated, so much so that there was a mod created for Dragon Age Origins just to let you know when you are about to romance.


And finally, 3rd. The group who doesn't give a crap about any of this and immediately regrets clicking on this topic.


Anywoo...dear modder, I wish you luck if you dare to take up this quest for me (and a few other souls, I hope)


With that, I end with a warm good luck and a thank you in advance for your patience, dedication and sacrifice! ;)

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