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modded lets play question


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IMO, and it's just an opinion, I think the majority of mod creators would not be upset to have their mods in a "Lets Play", in fact most would probably be flattered. However, there definitely are a few for whom this is a sticky issue, for various reasons.


If I were you I would avoid showing mods from any author whom you already had reason to believe they would be against it - not a good idea to stick your hand in a hornet's nest, and ask permission from the rest. Asking permission is easy. A PM will usually do it, and if the author has PM's turned off (as some do) then leave a message on the comment thread of the mod.


If after a reasonable period of time (one week IMO) you get no response, then look at the permissions statement on the mods in question for guidance. Although it is unlikely a permission statement will even mention YouTube, it will give you a feel for the attitude of the author. If an author has released multiple mods then look at the permissions on more than just the one you want to use. The more information you have, the better informed your decision will be.


Act in good faith and use your good judgement. My philosophy is that if I act in good faith then I am less likely to be in the wrong, and if I am wrong, at least I will be in a defensible position.

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