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MGSV:TPP Eva Jumpsuit


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pardon the incursion,

though, couldn't you already make an homage to this,

using Armorkeywords,

slooty vault suit or slooty coveralls,

and then your choice of CBBE/bodyslide conforming undergarments?


I mean, we've even already got 35 types of gloves,

your choice for customization, from oven mitts to fingerless gambit gloves,

to driving gloves etc.


the only standalone things I'd be seeing here,

are the holster and maybe the goggles-necklace.


there is an upcoming 'slooty flight harness'

and 'slooty nuka girl 50s sci fi' costume pack upcoming,

so those might go a long way towards achieving the look you're riffing on.

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