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Survival of the fittest


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Rules are simple so i wont screw around with a seperate page.


The goal is to survive. I will write out a dangerous situation and you must avoid, block, repel, defend, betray, backstab, cheat, steal, rob, push, throw your way out it. If you dont move fast enough or someone screws you over you will die. If you die you will be reincarnated as a new chum and a point added to your death count.


As i said above you are allowed to screw over other players in various ways like tripping them or using them as a human shield. During your first ever post in this thread you are allowed to anounce that you have an item and what it is.


So lets get started:


A spear comes flying towards your face.

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I have a Lead pipe (inflicts both blunt damage and poison damage)

I hit Wonkehcheetah with my lead pipe.

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