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[Help!] Does anyone know what ENB ESO uses?


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Hey guys! There's this Youtube channel called ESO, and his game looks gorgeous. Trouble is, he NEVER answers messages and comments, so, no one knows which ENB he is using :/ .

I've got some links below to 3 recent videos from his channel, so you guys can see it as well. Hopefully, someone will know what ENB is being used on the videos. I've been trying to find it out for quite a long time by now, and I've got no results :[







Any help will be really appreciated :)

Thanks in advance guys

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CFL II enb (eight zero preset) + Re-engaged (Ultimate immersion preset) reshade + ELFX


Edit: The enb he's using is CFL with the northern cold preset, however its no longer available in CFL 2, so try CFL2 with the blockbuster preset and NAT.

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