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New to 3DS Max/Nifscope - Model not displaying when loaded into Fallout 4


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I'm learning nifscope/3ds max as best I can, but I hit a wall. An object existed in game, but has too many parts for what I need. I exported it out of nifscope with the standard settings using the nifscope plugin.


The nif loads fine in nifscope, however it gives a red exclamation point in game. Not sure why that is since there arent any indications like an error message :/ Any pointers appreciated.


Link below has the nif file, for those interested.




Super thanks in advance.

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Update: I think it may have something to do with objects containing glass (I dunno what glass usually entails in terms of being in a nif), but even if I made no edits on an object containing glass and save it, it has a red exclamation point.


Maybe I have a wrong/bad copy? Where is the official source for nifscope for Fallout 4? Maybe I went to the wrong one :/

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EDIT: Sorry, I'm mixing up 2 mesh problems I've got going on. I want to leave this text here in case it's useful to anyone. Also may have relevance to OP.


So I did download mine from github, but i had an earlier version v2 pre alpha 4. Now I have the latest, v2 pre alpha 6. So the issue may have nothing to do with glass -- at least I dont think.


I was able to stick a flag on a flagpole with only 1 issue in v2 pre alpha 4. I don't know what's different between those objects and the ones im trying to edit now...


So, just to summarize my current discoveries:

  • Making any edit and saving my nif with its vanilla name lets me import it into the game, but no changes are present. I believe this is because the game wants to give the original .BA2 file priority. This is odd though -- as I'm choosing a non-vanilla location when selecting the .nif.
  • If I simply rename the object (without editing anything) "DLC04_Concstand02.nif" to "DLC04_Concstand02_working.nif" and try to import it, I get the giant red diamond/white exclamation point -- even with no edits.

This makes me think that maybe it's an issue with the original exporting of the nif (????)


I am using the Archive2 tool to export, located at Fallout 4\Tools\Archive2\Archive2.exe


EDIT: Re-exported, removed branch. Issue no longer occurring. Only similarity between this and the one in my OP is that I exported multiple items from Archive2.exe at a single time. Dont know if that has any relation. Will do more to work on the one from OP.


EDIT EDIT: Now that I think about it, this had EVERYTHING to do with the way I did (or lack thereof) relative pathing for the textures... Lesson learned.

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Okay, I'm making progress :D


So I think I cause my own issue by saving to this location: Data\Meshes\{My Mod Name}\


By doing this, it wasn't seeing the meshes somehow? At least that's my guess.


In terms of the OP, I have a new issue. So I'm getting it into the game, but the textures aren't mapping correctly. See pic in link below:


Pic 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByCMgEoKCVlyUXBUVS1OaVlaZWM


Pic 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByCMgEoKCVlyX3RoYk5UZ3RkVm8


It can see the materials that should be applied, but isn't using them for some reason. Furthermore, I can appear to swap textures with the one location and it seems to apply it correctly -- so I know the area the texture should apply is still in good shape. Also worth noting the glass section and its texture appear fine.

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