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Hlaalu is my favorite. I love their architecture and general doctrine. Business before anything else. Definitely a necessary evil at times. Plus, my character, being a Rogue, fits quite well into this house. The only real problem I have with Hlaalu, though, is the location of your stronghold. I really dislike the Ascadian Isles (I'm more of a Bitter Coast and Ashlands kind of person).


Other than that, I think Hlaalu is the way to go. The quests are generally fun and rewarding (you get almost a full set of glass armor after one of them)! I can't really offer an opinion, though, as I have never played a character and joined either of the other two. Redoran seems kind of cool; I also like their architecture, but I don't know what their house teachings are like or what they like to see in a member. Telvanni... well, they're just kind of weird. :P I'm not really a mage, so I know I wouldn't fit well.


And I don't care what Oblivion has taught us. Members of House Hlaalu most certainly do not practice any form of necrophilia. Not with the heavy fines in Morrowind. No, sir. :D

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