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Need help with Weighting armor for skyrim


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I'm currently in the process of recreating the exquisite robes from morrowind as my first armor mod for skyrim. i have been following tutorials and now i am at the stage of weighting the robes i have created. Even though the robe is symmetrical somehow the left side of the robe is all messed up and deformed and I am unsure as to why this is and what i can do to fix it.


The method i have used is a skin wrap modifier using the body and necromancer robes and the body underneath the robes. one thing to note is that my armor is split up into 5 different objects. another thing to note is that the leather tunic comes in perfectly fine so the problem seems to be starting round about the thigh area. the final issue being the right arm which is also a little bit deformed.


i have attached two pictures of what it should look like and what it looks like after applying an animation. If anyone knows how to solve this issue i would greatly appreciate it.


i am using 3ds max 2017. i would have been using 2012 for a better nif import but that isn't possible as 2012 isn't available from the autodesk education website anymore.




Update 7/27/2017:


I have found a workaround but i have to use blender. i would much rather prefer to use 3d studio max because I find its easier to weight armor on 3ds max because there appears to be less clipping so if you have any solutions that would be dandy. Now that i know its nothing to do with the mesh i heavily suspect its something to do with the imported skeleton.

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