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A simple way to stop Windows 10 updates


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Window 10 updates are a nightmare for me, they sometimes totally skewer programs, and settings I have fine tuned over time. Virtually everything is set back to default on occasion. Programs essential to map building, no longer work. Some older games are no longer playable

This method requires diligence; regular checkng and manually removing the updates.

Go to Drive C .... Windows .... SoftwareDistribution ... Download

Delete the downloads or store them elsewhere.

Be Vigilant!

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Disabling vital Windows Security Updates is a good way to get your machine compromised by thieves and hackers. Also suggesting disabling the Updates to others leaves you open to litigation by someone who may follow your ill conceived advice and find themselves the target of those very same thieves and hackers. The loss of your machines important information is a huge price to pay for a little inconvenience on your part.



The Rabbit

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I have no other option. As stated; programs and settings essential to my work stopped working. Saved the updates on an external drive in the hopes I can figure out what they are. "a little inconvenience" ? give me a break.


Just found this video and have applied the changes given. Will have to keep an eye on it though. Believe I tried this about a year ago, and Microsoft eventually reset things.


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I was gonna ask if downgrading to Win 7 is an option, then started to remember the same application resetting problems with MS updates in that OS as well. So switching would accomplish either nothing or almost nothing. Bottom line with any MS OS is that you need to review and select updates before they're installed, and take the time to read about each one before installation. If an update may cause application issues this info is usually contained in MS's attached articles.
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RE; TexMex477 ... blocking with firewall


My understanding is that, when using your connection settings, you can only block update downloads if you have a Wi Fi connection.

With this connection you are given an option to set the updates to "Metered". With this setting, updates will not download. If you want them, they have to manually downloaded.


The "Metered" option however is not available for any other type of internet connection.

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