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I'm trying to figure out how to navmesh objects for the workshop, but all I can find are navmesh tutorials for rooms. Everything related to object navmeshing seems to be gone, including the links on this list. Always a dead end. :sad:

See above.... Quoted the wrong comment lol!


I'm using a tablet at the moment but how I navmesh objects is using the navmesh compiler.


Right click on the static object in the object window, select navmesh object


Go to the navmesh drop down menu at the top and select generate / hovak


After the navmesh is completed, in the same drop down menu, select check navmesh and if there are no errors, finalize navmesh.

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The free mesh section is terrible advice. Please do not use meshes from there as there's no warranty the person selling/offering owns them.

Agreed! I'd hate to use some model from there only to find out the uploader actually stole it, like maybe if I made a mod including one of these free mods I could get in trouble if the real author does not allow reuse/sharing of their model. Could research I guess to try to find whether or not it's been blatantly stolen but TBH at that point I just about may as well simply re-create the model from scratch that'd probably be easier and less time consuming then trying to find if these random meshes might have come from some random blog on the internet.


Cool I'll check this out!

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