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Dwemer Rebirth Project


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Dwemer Rebirth Project


For too long the Dwemer in Morrowind have had a bum deal. Just look at Skyrim to know this. All we have is bland, empty orange spaces of doom which puts most people off from visiting ruins.


But now.....


Elevators (lifts), usable gates, hydraulic doors, usable valves etc.


I need/ want suggestions and opinions for new puzzles and traps and reasons to actually go in to Dwemer ruins.


Some ruins will eventually link to a "Blackreach" style area as well. WIP for that is already released as "Deep Watch Abyss"


Give Mzuleft a try and tell me what you think can be improved/ changed etc.


Visit us at: Morrowind Rebirth Discord and chat live/ PM


Thanks all in advance!

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Not a lot of people seem to know that "Greater Dwemer Ruins" unpacks to a lot more than Darknut's mod.


There was a whole project for it, DN used their resource pack and ESM for his mod. Piratelord released it here (and some ESPs of their work so far) - https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/6958/

Sadly I can't find the original project page URL so even the Internet Archive can't help.


Then a number of others took up the torch (if I've got my time lines right)


Nedius updated Arkngthand - http://www.geocities.ws/nedius/Morrowind.html


Adam Faust is, I think, Julian K. Spire, and he re-made Aleft - http://mw.modhistory.com/download-31-14724

He had plans for more but only Tchos' tileset was released, which I think is on here


Then there was some work done by Philip Troy on "Arkngthunch-Sturdumz and Nchuleft. There is minor work done in a few other ruins like Arkngthand, but nothing major" - http://pgdr.blogspot.co.uk/


And Trainwiz used the GDR resource pack for his Sotha Sil Extended mod.


Now I know you've got your own vision for these ruins, a Skyrim influence seems to be a key part. It would be great, IMO, to tie all this work together. A host of modders have been working towards a very similar goal for years now, letting all that languish in disparate pieces seems a real shame to me.


Anyway. Good luck with your project. In whatever shape or form it takes.

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Thanks :)


Yes you are quite correct. My stuff is very Skyrim influenced indeed. I have no intention of changing several ruins to the same style but I have every intention of changing them all. It will also be 100% compatible with MW Rebirth.


The fact is, rather than have 10 different mods, updating 10 different ruins in 10 different styles there will be one mod, one style, every ruin. It is of course up to the player which ones he chooses to use and this is more of a personal project (as a hobby) that I've wanted to do for years.


I'm embarrassed to say I've seen none of the above mods (yet) and have no idea if they add to the ruins by including traps and puzzles. The other thing is I wanted all resources to be 100% made by myself. As I said, it's something I like doing and get great enjoyment out of it even if there is only me that likes it lol!!

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Thank you :)


I'm doing it for fun (and also to prove MW isn't so bad as everyone thinks).


Released 2 so far and working on the third. That will be later than I wanted but I'm also joining in the MMM so has to wait!


P.S. Will be working on patches with other authors for this as well.

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