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Use of the "Report" feature

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Should we use the report button when we see biased file ratings?


No, please don't. Only use the report feature for posts that break the posting ToS. Generally flaming, rude, overly aggressive, offense posts fit the bill.


If I feel like I want to moderate the rating's system I will code it's own reporting system.

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Is there a report button for mods? Because there is one that appears to be a bit suss, Xc.


Thought this was the best place to post.


Edit: I think this may already have been covered, but I'll leave the link in case.

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One noticeable abuse of this system is the reporting of bad ratings. I've seen justified bad ratings removed simply due to the modder "not being pleased". We're not talking about someone who rates it low and says "I just don't like it" or "It's lame" or other idiotic reasons. We're talking about well thought out reasons.


This makes the whole rating system a joke and not worth even having.

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Shadowcran, you are not aware of this (obviously) but we do not act upon EVERY single report. We evaluate what was reported and then act accordingly. We've had plenty of authors/members reporting ratings less than 10 because the average was higher than 9, thus it was seen as trash voting to them. Not every vote is taken down just because it was reported.


It might also be noted that when people are banned due to vote abuse, their ENTIRE vote history will likely be erased (including any 10 votes they made). So sometimes, votes (justified or not) go away when people are banned but depends on why they were banned.


LHammonds (Moderator)

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