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New Nexus Mods design launched


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The new layout is a dumpster fire please stop pretending you're Reddit.


Sadly the mods don't give a crap what we want. Only what they want. They couldn't care less what us paying premium members think.


The old site was so, so, so muuuch better. It just goes to show, the mods are stupid! They've just guaranteed this site will never see another penny of mine again.


Sorry for the late post. I've been in the hospital since April 24'th. Without internet access. I've only just regained it. Dropped by here. Was horrified to see this... piece of garbage still up in place of the old site.


And they still haven't fixed the blurry text problem!


Behold, the blurry text problem. And, using the latest Google Chrome. So, no blaming the browser.



Pic 1 : http://nightgazer.altervista.org/gallery/Blurry_Text_Here3.png


Pic 2 : http://nightgazer.altervista.org/gallery/Blurry_Text_Here4.png


As you can see in 3 it's blurry. Hard to read. It was never like that on the old site.


As you can see in 4 it's slightly better when it's highlighted. But having to highlight it to read it is not reasonable. The old site never had this problem.


The new site is the only place on the web so far that has this problem. My browser(s), monitor, computer can display all other sites just fine. They displayed the old site just fine. Therefore, there is something in the code of the new site causing this 'blurriness'. ... ..... FIX IT ALREADY!


The old site was worth paying money for access. This new one... Not.

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I talked with a friend and found out why the site is so unreadable. You guys haven't made it compatible for CRT monitors. You've got it set to work on LCD monitors. ... That's why is look like crap now.


I have to use a CRT due to a genetic defect that gives me crippling migranes when using an LCD. Something about the patterns on it. So, I'm stuck using a monitor your site is not compatible with.


It's not cool dude that you have built your site in a way that is unreadable to people with my handicap.

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Figured it out.


To get rid of the blurriness, use about:config.


Set gfx.font_rendering.cleartype.use_for_downloadable_fonts to false

Set gfx.canvas.azure.backends to direct2d1.1,cairo,skia

Set gfx.content.azure.backends to direct2d1.1,cairo,skia

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