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Legacy of Tamriel - Chapter One: The Knights of the Nine


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Hi folks!

I am Johan, but more commonly referred to as Grammsay - I am a Modder.

For a period of time, I've been working on a new project, and today is the day where I reveal the secret I have held back for a while. I am working on an all-new extremely big Adventure-quest Mod for Skyrim & Skyrim SE.


It's called "Legacy of Tamriel", and it will, it has to, be divided into chapters. The first chapter, the one I am currently working on at the moment: Knights of the Nine. Where you'll get to uncover the Relics of the Crusader. Crush the Dominion and much much more!

Let's start with the description.


Legacy of Tamriel takes place in the Two-hundredth and twenty-second year of the Fourth Era. The Imperial Throne sits empty. The Dragonfires cold, unlit. And from every corner

- darkness grows. Now ancient enemies band together. Old ambitions rekindle. And as enemies rise faster than allies.
Salvation cannot come from one hero alone... but from many - Fight the Thalmor. Take back what they took from us! Fight for the Eight....and One.



You, the Dragonborn, have completed your task in Skyrim and you're "moving on" - not to Sovngarde. Yet. To Cyrodiil, High Rock, and Alinor. After receiving a vision from the Divine God of Time - Akatosh. You have been given a task. The task was given only to two others before you. Pelinal Whitestrake & the fabled Hero of Kvacth, Seventh Champion of Cyrodiil and friend of Uriel and Martin Septim.

The Gods themselves have favored the Last Dragonborn and given him the Divine task to retrieve the Relics of the Crusader - Pelinal Whitestrake - to aid the Empire in the War with the Dominion



Your first task:

Your vision told you to pray at each Shrine in each Temple and corner of the Province of Cyrodiil - afterward the Gods will favor you.




No set release date.

Story-rich gameplay

Voice-acted (sooner or later)
Explore Cyrodiil and parts of High Rock and Hammerfell.

*not Skyblivion*

All new story

New armors, weapons, magic and powers to uncover

Better "War" than Civil War.

Note: You can only side with the Empire here, as it plays a huge role in the ending quest. I don't hate Stormcloaks or Thalmor...actually, I do.

I have full permission to alter any of this information!
All Rights reserved to Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios.

Release: Skyrim & Skyrim Special Edition.


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