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The Lost hold of Varheim ( Springhome ) lies on a remote rocky Island in the far north of the Sea of Ghosts known as Issgard ( Ice Enclosure ) ...

Here lies the last outposts of men befoure the lost continent of Atmora ....

Ruled by the Old King Osric, there live the last nords that still follow the ancestors traditions worshipping primeval Gods ..





Ok Here I Will post some update on the works of a new small Island north of Skyrim called Issgard or Isskergard ( Ice rock enclosure )




The Island is 33.9 sq kms almoust a 1024 x1024 sized land and a 2048x2048 overall size , considering 1.8 m x pixel .

there are three main climates Icescapes all around where the sea surrounds the island , the island itself is a volcanic island so it has some features of semisnow/hot springs ...


there is one settlement there Called :


Varheim the main town[/center]








Newest Pics :



The Sea Dragon


The Throne Room


The Ice path


Blades Last Stand


Pitch Black


Issgardian Ship


Here the main views :


East View


North View


South View


West View


Here the main buildings :


High district bottom view


High district top view


Manoor East view


Manoor West view


Palace East view


Palace West view


Snowy Joorvask North view


Snowy Joorvask South view



Landscpape WIP pictures:


















Edit New pictures:













Edit Ingame Pictures :








Updated new picture :









Video test 1






Culture :




The Island is inhabited by an ancient Nord lineage descending directly by the first colons of Tamriel , they are proud sailors and warriors , their raids are famous all along the coast of Tamriel , they upkeep good relations with their nordic cousins , that tough they judge weack and corrupted by the Civilization of the elves , while raiding all the other coasts especially the elven ones....

The island is Ruled by King Osric the usurper , a once great warrior , now mostly a drunk old man ...

the Island is famous for it's special ore , the best ebony and glass minerals , that tough is not much used by the natives and rather traded , the Issgardian steel is also a fabled metal rivalling with the one of celestial forge ....

the Island is also surviving thanks to the warm climate provided by several geothermic springs that melt the ice and allow the Island to survive in an almoust frozen ocean ... Indeed during the hardest winters an Ice path forms up on the northern shore linking directly the island to the continent of Atmora ...

Other resources include timber , herding and fishing...








Legend says that Ysmir the first dragonborn and Dragon of the North was revealed on the high cloudy mountains of the island and there in centuries to come people have come to worship Ysmir a true manifestation of Shor's will and incarnation of the nordic pantheon traditions.


Legend says that Talos himself during in his path to Godhood climbed up to the Ysmir temple to never be seen again under mortal forms .... it is so the location where is tought he ascended to Godhood....


Legend says that an ancient sword lies in the deep of the Ysmir temple , a sword destined only to a true dragonborn and the able to bend any dragon to the voice of the Dovahkiin,the Sword was forged by an ancient Race that arrived in homage to Talos from a faraway land beyond the rising sun ocean ... they where feared warriors that in the distant lands hunted dragons and revered the true Dragonborn as their natural leader...





Story :




During the late Meretic age , the first men Traveled to Tamriel , it was a proces of waves and not a true inviasion till the time of Ysgramor , but the very first land to be settled befoure Tamriel was the Issgard Island for it's strategical location as midpoint to the land of Tamriel , it is said that the very first man to settle in this island was the first Dragon born , his name was lost in time but he was reknown as Ysmir or dragon of the north , a title that become meaning of legends in centuries to come , designating high heroes ...

The Temple of Ysmir lies where the first Dragonborn was blessed with the Tuhum byShor himself and destined to greatness.




Quest story:





But there is one curse that hangs on the land ... Since ages a dreadfull creature living in the deep of the Ice mountain plagues the lands every Summer when the Ice caps melt for a while and the path of ice opens to the north the Creature come and demands it's tribute in living beeings and gold ... for centuries the Issgardians have subdued to this Evile creature feeding the beast with their spoils of war and their young sons .... Untill now....


A voice come from the south , shadows have covered the whole world and birds fleed to north when they would normally go south ... The witch shamans have spoke of a great evil, even greater than the beast itself that has returned to the world to devour it ... but then a hero arose , someone that share the very same nature of the beast ... a dragonborn ...


In the dark of the winter nights the shaman have voiced that the very same beast coudl be a Long forgotten Dragon , someone that once was feared by the same Alduin itself and that was cursed to devour human souls to remain in life .... of course those are just rumors but if where true then only a true Dragonborn coudl hope to survive the beast....


In centuries , heroes and kings have truid the path of ice to never come back , and each summer the shadow come back demanding a doubled tribute ....


Now the Old King Osric the usurper , consilled by the shamans decided to send someone to look for the Dragonborn .... it is said that a great hero woudl have come from the south and crush the snakes under his own feet ... a hero that woudl be able to enter the Old throne of Talos and sit on it , destined to wear the jeweled crown of Issgard while holding the Dovahmaar , the fabled Blade that can tame Dragons , forged from the hardest and most flexible steel of an ancient far land .... destined to lead the Issgardians to conquer the whole known world .




Points of interest:

Ok Updated location list .....


Thanks for the Whale sugestion ....




Climatic zones map







Issgard Ice Enclosure ( the Island )


Varheimgard spring home fence(Capital) Totem Dragon


Jotunnheim Giant's home (Village) Totem Hawk


Sker Rock (Village) Totem Wolf


Brynnvik Clear inlet (Village) Totem Bear


Husvalur Whale home (Village) Totem whale





Geographical Locations of interest


Pokavatn misty lake


Shor Jokull Shor Glacier


Gil Valdyr the wol'fs gorge


Trollvollr Troll's plains


Halrjokull Heroes Glacier


Trollheim The cliff village of trolls


Skala norn The Witch's hut


Skysker Cloudy rock


Iss Leid The Ice path


Iss Fljot the Ice river


Grosugreng grassy pasture lands


Draug Haugr ghosts mounds


Darradrod Spear point


Varadrod Watchpoint


Brotinsverd broken sword


Bannadmork The forbidden forest


Myrkfjalldyr The mountain of the Dark Beast


Ysmir tívarhús The Ysmir temple







New Creatures:





Compatibility log ...





This mod is not compatible :

  • with any quest making use of the courier system by editing it as in the tutorial on this forums
  • sea of ghosts quest ( for some reason it just doesn't work couse seems it edited landscape in skyrim )
  • Prometheus Capes ( because merged into this mod )
  • Conan the barbarian outfit ( Because merged into this mod )
  • Any Dragon overhaul mods ( to be decided because this mod will introduce a new dragon specie so compatibility is uncertain still )
  • Mods extending the main quest after the MQ304
This mod is and will be copatible with :
  • Cloacks of skyrim
  • Frostfall
  • portable lantern
  • Arsenal



On Lore wise compatibility and geography :





sea of Ghosts area betwen Northern Skyrim




Atmora southern coast


routes ( not working ) for Solstheim and Morrowind ( incase needed )






If you have quests or mods that you would like to consider an Issgard compatibility , you can use my main mod to post your sugestions and proposals ...


If you are interested in :

  • Suggestions
  • Modding on Issgard
  • Voice Acting
  • Betatesting
Be sure to register there and post your ideas , requests or applications



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Thanks ... here three new more pictures update of the glacier on the harbor ....










The island will be reacheable throught a ship from the main harbord of Dawnstar or Solitude ....


Located very much in the North near the Atmora continent ...

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Now I was landscaping the caldera area , the stream to the glacier , the road to the cladera and the upper Temple , I still need a name for that temple and what cult is worshipped there .. may be some totemic stuff? Talos? The Elders ? ...


Anyway the interiors I planned to make are the Talos Tomb and the Palace ... where is the Throne of Talos ...


I will probably use a mix of nord / windhelm / whiterun interiors for the inside ....


Later I will publish a map with all the interior locations , so if someone wants to help me to create some interiors can claim some stuf fin the city already ....


I will just put locked doors, ruind rumbles , Stone debris in front of all buildings , dungeons and caves that do not have a quest or interior designed...


and wait for who wants to claim something ...

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