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What makes a good content creator?


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Yes, that is why I said it was subjective. I was more or less asking what makes one good in your opinion.


For e.g. My top 3 thoughts would be:


  • Caring about your fans. Interacting with them, treating them like fellow humans and not flexing on them.
  • Acknowledging you're only a person. Just because someone likes your work, it doesn't mean you're a god.
  • Lastly, accepting criticism for what you do. You can't please everyone.
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Well you covered what I'm thinking, how good your stuff is isn't the top priority. Instead it's about your attitude.

Like, when I'm looking for Fallout mods and I see a mod that's very good and it's popular among the players, but the creator's attitude isn't nice, I'd rather skip that one and look for a similar mod, even the latter isn't good as the former

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When it comes to skyrim i think modders that put a lot of time in to there mods and don't have broken meshes, textures, ore placement, also i think they should do a load gen for worldspaces.

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