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Snap'n, concrete and stuffs


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This forum probably need a mod detective topic.


Anyway, I can't find a mod that adds more concrete structures like roof, prefabs or anything else concrete-ish. I like the concrete looks and kinda bump that the game only have a few concrete structures in the workshop selection.


I'm specifically looking for a mod that makes snapping easier (I've already looked at popular mods but I'm not sure if it does what I expect)


And then maybe a dome-looking roof mod and glass structures mod if there is any out there?


Thank ye~!

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Mod Detectives

That was the second result when I searched the forum for 'detective', unfortunately it doesn't seem like anyone's really using it.

Concrete Walls More Snaps


Custom Concrete Walls With Window Glass


Those are the only two I found that seem to fit your needs. The only dome I could find is Vox Orbis - The Dome of Thunder , but Snappy House Kit and its related addons have tons of building options that may come close to what you want.

Snap 'n Build has a concrete bunker set that somewhat matches the regular workshop concrete.

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