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Complete Location Quest Relations List


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Here it is: Not only the longest post ever, but one detailing every cave, ruin and stronghold on the map with descriptions for every quest relating to the location. By request, I have made the ultimate list to battle all location woes.


Hopefully, this will eliminate all the "where is it???" threads.


The breakdown is into 5 sections, as follows:


Section A: Dwemer

Section B: Daedric

Section C: Ancestral Tombs

Section D: Caves and Sixth House Bases

Section E: Dunmer Strongholds

Section F: Grottos

Section G: Shipwrecks

Section H: Egg Mines



Dwemer Dungeons


Aleft- A forsaken ruin in the Bitter Coast, this facility is very unremarkable. 7 enemies, one chest, and 9 barrels.


Arkngthand- Baby’s first Dwemer ruin. A large ruin full of easy enemies. Low level loot- tableware and weapons. The Main Quest requires the PC to get the Dwemer Puzzle Box for Hasphat Antabolis. The Box is in the same room as Boss Crito, in the Cells of the Hollow Hand. Hasphat Antabolis also manufactures a key to the lower levels after you give him the Box.


Arkngthunch-Sturdumz- Edwinna Elbert asks you to get a Dwemer Tube from this ruin. The Tube can be found on a shelf in the room with the large ventilation tube running through it, but any tube can be used.


Bthanchend- Standard ruin with the usual mundane Dwemer loot and constructs.


Bthuand- The “Dead Hero” here has a selection of assorted armour and weapons. Quest tie: The rogue vampire Mastrius gives you a quest to get the shield Spell Breaker. The shield can be found in the rocks in the lower, rocky backmost section of the ruin. Six unrelated Dead Scribs litter the floor.


Bthungthumz- Baladas Demnvanni gives you a quest to get the Ring of Dahrk Mezalf. Dahrk’s formidable ethereal self can be found here to defend his ring. Apart from that, just standard stuff.


Dagoth Ur- The last stop in the Main Quest. Defeat the Dagoth Gilvoth and assortment of minor creatures here to get at the excellent loot: A full set of glass armour, a Daedric shortsword, Daedric club, about 17 Dwemer loot barrels. The Right Tower also has the corpse of Voruse Bethrimo, who carried the Crosier of St. Llothis into the citadel and dies there. You are to retrieve it in a Temple quest. The Facility Cavern is where you meet Dagoth Ur, with whom you can answer and ask questions.


Druscashti- Home of the volatile Quarra vampire clan. Volrina Quarra, head of the clan, resides on the bottom floor, decked out in glass armour. Quarra quests, once you’re a vampire, can be obtained from Volrina, and a Berne vampire quest involves stealing the Quarra blood potion for Raxle Berne. Note Kjeld’s very nice loot on the upper level.


Endusal- One of Lord Dagoths’ minions’ humble abodes. The ash vampire Dagoth Endus makes his residence here, along with a few other minor Dagoths, a Dremora, and a dead wizard. Plans and a handbook by Kagrenac can be found here (his old study) for use in a backpath quest in reactivating Wraithguard. Some nice loot in the shelves.


Galom Daeus- This large Dwemer installation is home to the Berne vampire clan, lead by the Imperial Raxle Berne, who can be found in the Observatory portion. The telvanni stronghold quests require a book found on the table by Raxle, and, unless you kill the entire clan, you have to sneak in to steal the only copy of Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi. All Berne clan quests can be obtained from the clan leader, Raxle Berne.


Gnisis, Bethamez- This recently uncovered Dwemer ruin in miniature is used in a Mages Guild quest assigned by Edwinna Elbert. You are to bring back some Dwemer plans that are on the table in the entrance. There is also the book Divine Metaphysics for the Meanest of Intellects (a bit reminiscent of Robots for Dummies). That book is used in the Disappearance of the Dwarves quest, assigned by Trebonius, the Guildmaster. No enemies- all Centurions here are deactivated.


Mudan Grotto- This underwater grotto is one of the most obscure locations in all Morrowind. In this Lost Dwemer Checkpoint, on the corpse of Peke Utchoo (ahem!) is a key to a table in the lower part of the ruin. This table contains a few other items, and a key to the hutch in the Central Vault. The hutch contains the Dragonbone Cuirass, a wonderful, fire-resistant enchanted cuirass. Apart from the Cuirass, there is a smattering of regular Dwemer loot and weapons.


Mzahnch- A standard Dwemer ruin. Low risk, low reward. There are 13 barrels containing a random gem, bloat, scrap metal, or ash salts.


Mzanchend- Another ordinary ruin. There are three gems out in the open, and a few more in the barrels scattered around. An outstanding feature: a Dwemer Schematic, valued at 1,200 drakes. Telvanni characters are required to get this Schematic to build the final phase of their stronghold.


Mzuleft- This ruin south of Dagon Fel is crawling with Orcs. Edwinna Elbert asks you to get the Dwemer Scarab Plans for her from the ruin, and these Orcs need to be removed to do it. Cut through all 7 of them to reap the rewards: their Orcish armour and weapons, and the unique Egg of Time book, another text used in the Disappearance of the Dwarves quest.


Nchardahrk- An ordinary ruin with 7 leveled Animunculi. Low level loot, and only 4 barrels and two locked chests.


Nchardumz- Once again, another mundane haul. Two chests with assorted Dwemer loot, 2 barrels, and 6 Animunculi. The lower level contains some Dwemer tableware and 2 more Animunculi.


Nchuleft- A rare book: The Chronicles of Nchuleft, is found in this ruin. Master Aryon sends you here to find Dwemer plan in a Telvanni quest. Not much in the way of loot or enemies.


Nchuleftingth- Edwinna asks you to check on the excavation occurring here. Talk to the leader, Senilias Cadiusus, and learn that their guide, Anes Vendu, has gone missing. His body, the excavation report, and Hanging Gardens (a book written in both Aldmeris and Dwemer, elementary in Dwemer linguistic studies) are on the lower level next to a dead Animunculi. The last lever in Test of Pattern releases the secret door in the wall to get to Vendu’s body. All the others poison you.


Nchurdamz- The only Dwemer ruin with a glass deposit. Six enemies await you here to defend the two chests full of Dwemer loot. More importantly, the Daedric monster Hrelvesuu makes her home here. In a Fighter’s Guild quest, you accompany Larienna Macrina in the beast’s slaying. The unique enchanted Dwemer spear Illkurok is in a lava-filled room with a Steam Centurion.


Odrosal- An ancient Dwemer training academy, this facility is now a den to House Dagoth creatures. Dagoth Odros has the key to his desk, which contains the artifact hammer Sunder, needed in the Main Quest. He also has the artifact Amulet of Heartfire. A Golden Saint, Flame Atronach, and dead Dreamers accompany the large assortment of Dwemer weaponry by Dagoth Odros.


Tureynulal- Another den for House Dagoth that was formerly a Dwemer facility. Dagoth Tureynul has the key to the tower, where Keening, the artifact blade needed in the Main Quest is held. A Temple quest sends you to recover the lost Cleaver of St. Felms, on the body of Mendel Eves, in the Bladder of Clovis. Also present are a few chests full of Dwemer tableware, weapons, and armour. Kagrenac’s Library here has over 70 books. The Second Edition of Vampires of Vvardenfell, requested by Skink-In-The-Trees-Shade in a Mages guild quest, is among them.


Vemnyal- Another Ash Vampire citadel. This one is led by Dagoth Vemyn. Beldoh the Undying, a skeleton with a Bloodfeast shield, can be found here also. Also in the citadel are a Bonewalker, a Dremora, and several lesser Dagoths.






Daedric Dungeons


Addadshashanammu- A shrine as large as its name is long, this Daedric ruin holds 5 baddies and one Winged Twilight. The pearl on the altar to Sheogorath is cursed.


Ald Daedroth- This huge shrine is used in two quests- in the Main Quest, you must make the shrine “safe” for the Ahemmusa Ashlanders to immigrate to. That means killing all of the worshippers. Get on the Ordinator’s good side, and tell them you are there to loot the shrine. Tons of enemies here- both crazed Sheogorath worshippers (it’s a dance in Sheogorath’s honor!) and Daedra. Great loot on the altars and on the worshippers/Ordinators’ bodies. A Temple quest requires you to get the enchanted glove Gambolpuddy, which will somehow renew a pact with Sheogorath. Speak to the confused Orc Ra'Gruzgob to get Gambolpuddy’s location.


Ald Sotha- Another expansive ruin situated on a scenic island outside Vivec. A Morag Tong writ requires you to kill the Dark Brotherhood Night Mother Severa Magia. There are several Threads of the Webspinner here, used in the “special duties” Morag Tong quests by Eno Hlaalu. Some excellent loot here, especially in the alcove above Severa Magia are some rare potions. A Temple quest requires the PC to get the Shoes of St. Rilms from a locked chest here.


Almurbalarammi- A mid-size shrine to Sheogorath. Five enemies, and a cursed chest with mage loot on the altar.


Anudnabia- A sealed Daedric ruin. You’ll search the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia for the legendary warhammer Skull Crusher in an Imperial Cult quest. This ruin is accessed only through the nearby Omaren Ancestral Tomb.


Ashalmawia- A Bal Molagmer quest sends you to the exterior of this ruin to find the escaped slave J’Sadda. There are also 4 slave hunters around, so be sure to avoid them. The interior of the ruin is expansive, especially the Sunken Vaults portion. A Redoran quest requires you to kill a crime leader, Gordol (clad in Ebony Armour with a Daedric Axe) in the Sunken Vaults. A Daedric Mace awaits discovery in a hidden alcove in the high reaches of the Vaults- requires Levitation to get to.


Ashalmimikala- A Morag Tong quest brings you to this seaside ruin to give a Dark Brotherhood member –Carecalmo- an ultimatum. You will have to kill him sooner or later, but bringing up the ultimatum makes him attack you. An Imperial Cult quest also brings to here to find what became of the healer Urjorad. Urjorad is dead, so collect his Scroll of Fiercly Roasting and head back to Ebonheart after killing Carecalmo and his Altmer bodyguard, Meryaran.


Ashunartes- This shrine to Malacath brought a horde of Orcs here, and a Fighter’s Guild quest requires you to kill their leader, Burub gra-Bamog. Alof the Easterner will give you more information about the orcs- he lives in the house nearby.


Ashurnibibi- This Daedric ruin has been taken over by Orc kidnappers. You'll have to travel here to rescue Joncis Dalomax in an Imperial Legion quest for Imsin the Dreamer in Fort Buckmoth. The shrine also contains a few skill-improving books. There's also a quest available from the Daedra Prince Boethiah, but you'll have to dive deep underwater to find him (west and a little north of Ashurnibibi).


Assalkushalit: This very small shrine is occupied by a trio of hostile NPCs, who will attack you as a group. There's a good magical bow on the shrine (Devil Longbow, casts Lightning Shield and Bound Longbow) as well as one of the Ancient Tales of the Dwemer books.


Assarnatamat- This small Daedric shrine is home to a couple of tough Daedra worshippers, including Thovasi Alen, who wears Sanguine shoes needed for a Morag Tong quest.


Assernarairan- Four Sanguine items on the three worshippers of Mehrunes Dagon in this sub-Vivec shrine. Three gems and some ebony on the altar. Kill the leader in a Morag Tong quest.


Assurdirapal- This shrine is occupied by a few hostile Orcs, who are Daedra worshippers. In the inner shrine there is a nice mace (Daunting Mace, which casts fatigue) lying on the altar. You can receive a quest from Daedra Prince Malacath by activating his shrine.


Assurnabitashpi- Three High Elves and a populace of dead Scamps infest this shrine in the Ashlands. The diamond on the altar is cursed.


Bal Fell- This huge shrine is divided into four sections: the Outer Shrine, West Wing, East Wing and the Inner Shrine. There are some Telvanni patrolling outside, and a couple of groups from the Mages Guild inside. There are also some dead Scamps lying around, indicating that the mages have had some success fighting off the Daedra. Some good treasure within the Inner Shrine, including a grand soul gem. The locked chest on the altar has the unique Ten Pace Boots.



Bal Ur- A large shrine to Molag Bal. Three Nords guard the empty upper portion. The Underground shrine is where Derar Hlervu tells vampire characters to talk to the statue of Molag Bal to receive the quest for their vampirism cure. There is a glass helm, halberd, and some jewels on the altar. A temple quest also requires you to activate Molag Bal’s statue in Saryoni’s Four Corners quest.


Dushariran Shrine- This unusually laid-out Daedric shrine is empty except for a couple of worshippers, one of whom is a trainer. There's a hidden treasure chest on an elevated platform in the shrine room.


Ebernanit- This small Daedric ruin is guarded by a couple of worshippers. One of them, Talis Veran, wears one of the Sanguine items needed by the Morag Tong.


Esutanaman- This small shrine has five enemies. The ruby on the altar is cursed, but the pearl and glass are fine. The two chests behind the statue have some nice random loot.


Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia- An Imperial Cult quest involves plundering this sealed ruin to get the weightless warhammer Skull-Crusher from the chest floating in the Forge of Hilbongard. Entrance is through the Omaren Ancestral Tomb.


Ibishammus- This tiny shrine is below Vivec, in the Foreign Quarter sewers. Two enemies inside (one in full Orcish armour) and one outside the door.


Ihinipalit- The statue of Sheogorath gives the PC a quest to kill a Giant Netch with the Fork of Horriplation. A Temple quest requires you to kill Bjamund, a Nord in this shrine beneath the St. Delyn canton.


Kaushtarari- Two Orcs do nothing for the decor in this mid-size shrine to Malacath. Two gems, a Daedra heart and a pieve of ebony are on the shrine. A chest on the side has a good amount of gold.


Kushtashpi- Mid-size reuin to Molag Bal. The Daedra Heart on the altar is cursed, but the emerald is fine to pick up. Three Dunmer here- two steel armour-clad warriors and one battlemage.


Maelkashishi- A Temple quest sends you here to cure Bulfim gra-Shugharz of Ash-Chancre. The Falensarano Proplyon Index can be found here, next to three Daedric Arrows and a Daedric Longbow on a high nook in the Forgotten Galleries portion. In the shrine part: One cursed and one regular gem and a standard potion on the altar to Sheogorath.


Magas Volar- This ‘pocket dimension’ can only be accessed with the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet, found in a heavily locked box in Divalyth Fyr’s study. The artifact blade Daedric Crescent is found here, on the Dremora Lord Dregas Volar.


Onnissiralis- Six baddies, two raw ebony, two rubies, two diamonds, and a partridge in a trama root shrub.


Ramimilk- A Dwemer mace, glass dagger, and a Wizard’s Staff needed in a Mages Guild advancement requirement can be found here. Also, more books can be found here than in other shrines. I think Haesmar is trying to learn to read.


Shashpilamat- An expensive Fiend Spear can be found on the altar to Malacath, along with three gems, a piece of raw glass, and ebony. Two Orc guardians- a mage an a warrior with a full set of Orcish armour.


Tusenend- Poor loot here. Four easily defeated guardians, a diamond, and a piece of ebony accompany the steel axe on this altar to Molag Bal.


Ularradallaku- This small Daedric shrine is home to a few hostile worshippers and some Atronachs. One of the worshippers, Inganar, has one of the Sanguine items needed for the Morag Tong, the Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping. There's one of the Thirty-six Lessons of Vivec books and a few greater soul gems on platforms reachable through levitation, but little other treasure of value.


Yansirramus- Molah Bal gives you a quest in this island shrine. Three worshippers, a pearl, and a piece of ebony and a portion of dreugh wax, but nothing else of note. Most of the creatures are outside.


Yasammidan- Mehrunes Dagon gives you a quest if you activate his shrine here. Also, two Sanguine items on the hostile NPCs here used in the Threads of the Webspinnner Morag Tong Quest.


Zaintiraris- Not much of note here. Haki the Halt has an enchanted glass longsword, and there is a piece of raw ebony on the altar to Sheogorath.


Zergonipal- Frost and fire salts, ebony, a Daedra Heart, and a diamond adorn this roomy shrine to Sheogorath. Two guards, and a Scroll of Summon Golden Saint and Flame Atronach on the table behind the altar.


Shrine of Azura- The only Daedric shrine without any enemies or hostile creatures. Azura can offer you a quest once you activate her shrine inside. Outside, the shrine is a beautiful landmark. It’s a bit like the Morrowind Statue of Liberty.


Sunken Shrine of Boethiah: This lost shrine seems to have taken an unfortunate trip to the sea. Activate Boethiah's head to recieve a quest to rebuild the shrine for a fantastic reward. M'Aiq the Liar, on an obscure rock in Sheogorad, can point you to this quest also.


Malacath Statue- This shrine, surrounded by four agressive, armed Orcs, serves as an activator in a Temple quest of the Four Corners. Donate four Daedra Hearts to recieve your blessing.


Morag Tong Hideout- Not a shrine or dungeon, but the PC can receive a quest from Mephala by talking to Talos Dral, the leather-clad Dunmer in the entry area to the hideout.





Ancestral Tombs


Alas Ancestral Tomb- This Daedra-populated tomb is the final resting place of the last holder of Mehrunes’ Razor. Mehrunes Dagon sends you to this mausoleum to recover the Rusty Dagger.


Alen Ancestral Tomb- There are five Quarra vampires here, and all of them attack you unless you are a vampire yourself. No loot except the Vampire Dust on the vampires.


Andalen Ancestral Tomb- Five undead here guard the “treasure” of this tomb: A skillbook, a Colvonian fur helm, and a steel spear.


Andalor Ancestral Tomb- Very little of anything in this tiny tomb. The chest by the ashpit has two random low-level weapons.


Andas Ancestral Tomb- This tomb has one of the uncommon chitin Redoran Watchman helms. Apart from that, the tomb is adorned with four enemies, two tomb loot chests, a few ingredients, and the usual books.


Andavel Ancestral Tomb- Almost no loot within this mid-size tomb. There is, however, a gigantic Temple shrine to restore attributes, get a blessing, or get poison cured.


Andrano Ancestral Tomb- The Main Quest takes you to this tomb in the Ascadian Isles. You are to recover the skull of Llevule Andrano, which is on a footstool in a closed side-room. Eight enemies and a dead Dunmer with low-level loot.


Andrethi Ancestral Tomb- A Berne vampire lair.


Andules Ancestral Tomb- A Mole Crab Helm, religious books, and a few potions are the only loot you’ll find in this spacious tomb. Four undead defenders.


Aralen Ancestral Tomb- An Aundae vampire lair.


Aran Ancestral Tomb- Lots of equipment in this tomb, including an Imperial Dragonscale shield.


Arano Ancestral Tomb- A largish tomb with plain furnishings, and defenders, except a Telvanni Cephalopod helm and an uncommon Nordic bearskin cuirass.


Arenim Ancestral Tomb- This very out-of-the-way vault actually has a Miscellaneous quest: Satyana needs you to help her find her father’s amulet. Agree, and she’ll help you loot the tomb. Another bonus: her father’s enchanted sword is all yours.!


Arethan Ancestral Tomb- There’s a Hunger in this tomb, but not much else.


Aryon Ancestral Tomb- A mid-sized tomb with a fair supply of low-end loot.


Arys Ancestral Tomb- Do you get the sense someone is using this tomb as a storage compartment? The unordinary amount of containers are accompanied by at least one member of the bonewalker family.


Baram Ancestral Tomb- A large crypt distinguished only by its size. The “recently slain knight” here is the companion of the dead adventurer found in the Gimothran tomb.


Beran Ancestral Tomb- A deep and lavishly designed tomb. Fine loot, including a glass poisonsword. At least one Atronach is among the Daedric enemies defending this tomb.


Dareleth Ancestral Tomb- A small crypt with common loot.


Dralas Ancestral Tomb- You’ll find two smugglers in here, apparently converting the place into a smugglers’ cave. Also, a bonelord!


Drath Ancestral Tomb- Small tomb, small risk, small loot.


Dreloth Ancestral Tomb- A small crypt.


Drethran Ancestral Tomb- Home to an ancient and powerful vampire named Marara, who has discovered the downside of immortality. You can put her out of her misery in a vampire quest.


Drinith Ancestral Tomb- Lots of random treasure in this medium, well-defended tomb.


Dulo Ancestral Tomb- An Aundae vampire lair.


Fadathran Ancestral Tomb- A small tomb with excellent loot.


Falas Ancestral Tomb- This tomb is the last resting place of the Denstagmer’s Ring, a great enchanted artifact that lies in the trapped urn in the lower part of the crypt.


Favel Ancestral Tomb- You’ll help Minabibi Assardirainat perform an exorcism in this crypt as part of a Mages Guild quest.


Gimothran Ancestral Tomb- This tomb is home to Orc Koffutto Gilgar, a ferocious Orc who holds the legendary Staff of Hasedoki.


Ginith Ancestral Tomb- The renegade Quarra vampire Lord Irarak makes his home here. You will be asked to kill him in a Quarra vampire quest.


Helan Ancestral Tomb- A tiny tomb with 100 gold. The real feature here is three shrines which can restore various attributes and cure diseases, blight or poison and temporarily enhance stats.


Helas Ancestral Tomb- A small tomb with mediocre loot and a mix of Daedric and regular tomb defenders.


Heleran Ancestral Tomb- This tomb lies beneath the unfortunate Bosmer Nedhelas’ house. The ghost of Galos Heleran is put to rest in an Imperial Cult quest.


Heran Ancestral Tomb- A mid-size tomb, defended by Daedra with little loot.


Hlaalu Ancestral Tomb- With the Hlaalu name and all, you might think this tomb was something special. But apart from a Telvanni Mole Crab Helm, it’s pretty standard tomb stuff.


Hleran Ancestral Tomb- A Quarra vampire lair.


Hlervi Ancestral Tomb- A tiny, remote crypt with neat, well-hidden loot (check the ledge).


Hlervu Ancestral Tomb- You’ll find a glass dagger in this crypt, but the outstanding feature is a unique scroll: The last words of Malaki the Lightfooted.


Ienith Ancestral Tomb-This tomb has a unique, unusable colored lamp, and a few chests with low-level magical jewelry and some coins. There's a key on a ledge near a skeletal corpse that you can use if you're having difficulty with the locks.


Indalen Ancestral Tomb- A large, fairly rich tomb with mostly Daedric defenders.


Indaren Ancestral Tomb- Three dead smugglers used to live in this tomb, and one of them, Tyronios, has a note explaining their death. He also has a key to the heavily locked Venim Ancestral Tomb.


Llando Ancestral Tomb-A small, run-of-the mill tomb.


Lleran Ancestral Tomb- A nondescript tomb, with a key that opens some of the low-level locks in most tombs under a prayer stool.


Llervu Ancestral Tomb- A small crypt with nothing extraordinary.


Maren Ancestral Tomb- This mostly empty crypt is home to the Nord necromancer Crazy Batou, holder of the Bloodworm Helm. Few defenders apart from Batou, and little loot apart from the random items on the dead Imperial.


Marvani Ancestral Tomb- An obscure Miscellaneous quest takes you to this tomb, where the son of a king, Olmgerd the Outlaw, was given an expensive Nordic burial.


Nelas Ancestral Tomb- A remote crypt with some uncommon loot.


Nerano Ancestral Tomb- In the Main Quest, Zainab chief Kaushad will send you here to kill the renegade Berne vampire Calvario.


Norvayn Ancestral Tomb- A large tomb rich in booty and enemies.


Omalen Ancestral Tomb- A long and well-defended tomb, with a singular letter at its end.


Omaren Ancestral Tomb- The tomb part of this crypt is ordinary. Beyond the rupture on the wall, however, is quite out of the ordinary. This tomb leads to the Forgotten Vaults of Anudnabia, a sealed Daedric ruin that plays a part in an Imperial Cult mission.


Orethi Ancestral Tomb-A modest-sized tomb, with commensurate loot and opposition.


Othrelas Ancestral Tomb- A Berne vampire lair. This is as close as vampires have gotten to civilizatrion.


Randas Ancestral Tomb- a mid-sized tomb with decent loot and Daedric defenders.


Ravel Ancestral Tomb-The loot is excellent throughout this large, Daedra-infested tomb, and one item here is unique: the ashes of G. Lyngas. Accompanied by four of the game’s sixteen glass throwing stars.


Raviro Ancestral Tomb- A Berne vampire lair.


Redas Ancestral Tomb- In a Redoran quest you will try to recover three family artifacts from this tomb.


Releth Ancestral Tomb- A skinny little tomb with unusual loot: A Telvanni Dust Adept helm and a Velothian shield.


Reloth Ancestral Tomb- Renegade vampire Merta maker her home here. You’ll be asked to kill her in a Berne vampire quest.


Rethandus Ancestral Tomb- A large crypt with a fair amount of loot.


Rothan Ancestral Tomb- Mathis Dalobar, a missing trader, has hidden out in this tomb from an ashstorm. Bring him back to Maar Gan in a Redoran quest.


Sadryon Ancestral Tomb- A small, unordinary tomb.


Salothan Ancestral Tomb- Tons of loot, but you’ll probably have to deal with a few Nix-Hounds before you can enter.


Salothran Ancestral Tomb- A small crypt with modest loot.


Salvel Ancestral Tomb- Mastrius, an ancient vampire imprisoned here by Azura, can give you an obscure vampire quest.


Samarys Ancestral Tomb- In a trapped urn containing the ashes of Lord Brinne, you’ll find the unique artifact ring Mentor’s Ring.


Sandas Ancestral Tomb- Open the chest in this mid-size tomb and get a creepy surprise.


Sandus Ancestral Tomb- A large crypt with common loot.


Sarano Ancestral Tomb- A Fighter’s Guild mission requires you to kill the Hunger that has stolen the Sarano ebony helm.


Saren Ancestral Tomb- A small and relatively plain Dunmer crypt.


Sarethi Ancestral Tomb- An Aundae vampire lair.


Sarys Ancestral Tomb- Among the usual creatures, a bonewalker accompanies you in your tour of this tomb, with nastier variants for better characters.


Savel Ancestral Tomb- Not much loot in this tomb beside the rare Unnamed Book and a Dwemer helm.


Senim Ancestral Tomb- A big tomb with a lot of loot, including a complete set of bonemold armour and the unique Ring oif Phynaster on the corpse of Pop Je, along witone of Pop's bones, and his Amulet.


Seran Ancestral Tomb- The small chest by the left ashpit has seven random gems, but, otherwise, the tomb is very plain. Three undead, and a chest of three random tomb loot items.


Serano Ancestral Tomb- A Quarra vampire lair.


Sethan Ancestral Tomb-A mid-sized tomb with decent loot.


Telvayn Ancestral Tomb- A pair of bandits named Glaum and Gaban –law firm or comedy team- have taken up residence here. Consequently, the loot is better than usual and the tomb critter population is lower than usual.


Thalas Ancestral Tomb- A mid-sized crypt with some interesting bits of loot (like a dreugh shield).


Tharys Ancestral Tomb- A small tomb with common loot.


Thelas Ancestral Tomb- Very small, very plain, and very low-yield.


Thirelas Ancestral Tomb- Lots of bones decorate this smallish crypt. The few enemies don’t defend much beyond a sack of ingredients and a couple chests with random tomb loot.


Uveran Ancestral Tomb- A big crypt with good loot, and not all that well-defended.


Vandus Ancestral Tomb- A large, lanky tomb with ordinary contents.


Velas Ancestral Tomb- Nice loot in this small-ish tomb.


Veloth Ancestral Tomb- A medium-sized tomb, guarded mostly by Daedra.


Venim Ancestral Tomb- This tomb contains the potent artifgact bow, the Bow of Shadows. Lots of other loot here, too, guarded by the usual tomb critters and the necromancer Goris the Maggot King and the thief Luven.


Verelnim Ancestral Tomb-A big crypt, populated by Daedra and blighted rats.





Velothi Towers


Ald Redanyia- A Thieves’ Guild quest takes you to this tower in the Sheogorad Region to retrieve the Bittercup to bribe Eydis Fire-Eye with. The Skeleton War-Wizard also holds the artifact Vampiric Ring, which casts a very effective Absorb Health and Fatigue spell on touch. Also be sure to check out the flooded lower level with the chest full of goodies.


Hanud- A huge dungeon full of undead precede this tower, and there is little reward to show after. The mage-lord’s table holds the obligatory skull, books, and 100 gold.


Mababi- Another standard Velothi tower. Aggressive retainers, and an aggressive mage-lord. Loot is the 100 gold, books, and a smattering of potions.


Mawia- Delvam Andarys holds the unique shortsword Shimsil. And that makes up for the otherwise mundane loot. Lots of alchemy ingredients, and a creepy necromantic altar.


Odirniran- A Telvanni quest takes you here to rid the wizard that lives here of the Hlaalu attempting to take over the tower. The Hlaalu counterpart quest requires you to kill the necromancer in the tower and rescue and lead back the younger Othril sister to the group leader.


Sanni- No quest ties. There is a huge haul of alchemy loot here, along with expensive alchohol.


Shara- Tirer Belvayn is the mage-lord of this tower, and it is he whom you must kill in a Morag Tong writ. Not much in the way of loot, excepting the few scholarly books.


Shishara- Not much of anything here. Three enemies, a dead rat, and no much else. The loot here are the usual books.


Shishi- A Redoran quest sends you here to kill the remaining Telvanni in the tower. The Telvanni counterpart quest sends you here to kill the Redoran and bring back the Shishi Report.


Sulipund- A Mages Guild quest takes you to this remote tower to force the tower’s Telvanni inhabitant to join the Mages Guild.


Vas- A Fighter’s Guild quest takes you to this tower to accompany a junior Buoyant Armiger in the slaying of the tower’s owner, a rogue Telvanni necromancer.







Abanabi- This cave is the lair of a couple of hostile NPCs and their Daedra guardians. One of the NPCs, Draramu Hloran, is equipped with the Paladin's Blade, Chrysamere, which is the target of an Imperial Legion quest given by Varus Vantinius. There's lots of raw ebony and some raw diamonds in this cave as well, and a couple of skill-enhancing books


Abernanit- You’re sent into this smuggler’s cave in an Imperial legion quest to rescue an abductee named Dandsa.


Abinabi- A Sixth House base, deep in the ash desert. Not much loot beyond the great Sixth House bell hammer unless you have an affinity for Corprus meat!


Adanumuran- Five baddies have taken over this cave, and guard the low-level loot, along with two Nix-Hounds.


Addamasartus- The first dungeon you’ll probably encounter. Contains a well-hidden Thief Ring.


Aharnabi- You’ll visit this cave on an Imperial Legion mission to kill Honthjolf, a former legionnaire who quit to work for the sorceress Llarusea Andrethi.


Aharunatus – One of the two simplistic starter dungeons.


Ahinipalit- A big smuggler’s cave, with lots of loot (27 containers) and a glass dagger, along with an Invisibility scroll and a potion of Shadow.


Ainab- A mid-size Sixth House base with few enemies and sparse loot.


Ainat- An ordinary bandit cave, with lots of weapons and armour mixed into the loot.


Ansi- Best distinguished by its circular layout, this bandit den has a crate of bonemold armour, and lots of ash statues.


Ashanammu- In a Fighter’s Guild quest, you’re sent here to kill four Telvanni agents holed up in this cave. One agent lurks outside the cave. The three inside attack together.


Ashinabi- A very big smuggler’s den with two entrances.


Ashirbadon- Along with a small selection of skill books, the potent artifact Warlock’s Ring is held by the cave’s sorceress, Vindamea Drethan. The quest to get the Ring is assigned by Ajira in an advanced Mages Guild quest.


Ashir-Dan- A smuggler’s cave modest in size, but well-stocked.


Assarnud- A big, tough bandit cave.


Assemanu-This sorcerer’s lair is home to Varona Nelas, from whom you’ll attempt to recover an embroidered glove in an Imperial legion quest.


Assu- In a Mages Guild quest, you can recover the Staff of Magnus from this large sorcerer’s cave on Mount Kand.


Assumanu- You’ll recover the Robe of St. Roris in an advanced Hlaalu quest from this large Sixth House base.


Bensamsi- A big Sixth House base.


Beshara- You can recover some stolen raw glass for Tinos Drothan from this cave in a Miscellaneous quest. The two bandits who stole the glass are in this cave, along with eight of their friends.


Cavern of the Incarnate- You'll visit this time-locked cave in the Main Quest to receive a vision from Azura and the ring of Nerevar. Also, the ghosts that appear after the vision give you gifts- it's a bit like the Morrowind flea market.


Dubdilla- It’s relatively easy to become a vampire. It’s far less easy to return to normal life. To cure your vampirism, you’ll have to perform a Daedric quest for the Daedra Molag Bal. Kill his daughter and her atronach escort. Make sure to read the notes of the sorcerer Cumanya on the top level before you descend into the Uncharted Caverns.


Dun Ahhe-This large cave is the lair of a couple hostile Telvanni mages. The cave has several underwater passageways, as well as some areas easiest reached through casting levitation spells. In one of the underwater passageways there's a corpse with a Grand Soul Gem and some magic arrows. There's some other good random treasure near each of the NPCs.


Habinbaes- Decent equipment on the four enemies here, and a key to slave the four slaves imprisoned in a locked cell.


Hassour- You’re sent to shut down this Sixth House base in a Temple quest. In doing so, you’ll shut off the flow of Sleepers and Dreamers in Balmora and Pelagiad.


Hinnabi- A low-level cave with low-level loot. Four slaves here can be freed with a key from one of the bandits.


Ibar-Dad- Starts out as a regular old cave and turns out to be the hidden Daedric tomb of Mordrid Hannin, with some serious loot opportunities, including the artifact shield Eleidon’s Ward.


Ilunibi- The likely site of your first major confrontation with the Sixth House. You’ll face Dagoth Gares in this five-level base early in the Main Quest. Unique items Fists of Randagulf found here.


Koal Cave- You’ll escort a wayward pilgrim to this shrine in a seaside cave, and another, a smith's son in a Redoran quest, track down pilgrims who have gotten lost on the way, and make the pilgrimage yourself in the Pilgrimage of the Seven Graces.


Kora Dur- Molag Bal will send you to this cave to dispatch a lazy Daedroth Monarch in a Daedric quest.


Kudanat- A big bandit cave, with loot for pocketing (though not as much as you might think), slaves for freeing…and one unusual feature.


Kumarahaz- Some neat architechual flourishes in this cave, and a silver claymore in its far reaches.


Kunirai- lair of some high-level hostile NPCs. The NPCs are equipped with some good weapons and armor, and there's some even better stuff lying around, including a Demon bow. There are also several rare skill-enhancing books in the cave and lots of more ordinary equipment, potions, some smith tools and armaments.


Maba-Ilu- Lots of scrolls in this sorcerer’s lair, along with dashes of ebony, glass, and diamonds. Suspected future site of Maba-Ilu Mine.


Mallapi- Exploring this good-size sorcerer’s cave to find the remains of Ruran Stoine is an option in a Fighter’s Guild quest.


Mamaea- In the Main Quest, you’ll battle Dagoth Anaynys in this huge Sixth House base and claim his Soul Ring. In a Miscellaneus Main Quest spin-off, you’ll rescue Hasphat Zainsubani for a reward from his father.


Mannammu- Seven baddies and a dreugh guard the modest loot in this mid-size cave. It’s a wonder there’s anyone here- the cavern door is fully visible to all of Pelagiad. You are required to kill the cave’s inhabitants in a Fighter’s Guild quest.


Mara-Adon- A large Sixth House base with good loot.


Massama Cave- A large abandoned glass mine- plagued by nothing worse than Nix-Hounds and rats.


Masseranit- Large cave system with lots of smugglers to fill it.


Mat- Just your average bandit cave.


Mauser Caverns- A huge abandoned ebony mine. Of course, “abandoned” does not mean “empty”…


Milk- This cave is occupied by a Redoran nobleman who lost his mind at the same time he lost his daughter, and has taken to demanding tribute from travellers. You’ll put things right in a Redoran quest.


Minabi- A big, two sectioned bandit cave with lots of alcohol. The “lair” section has a chest with 270 gold.


Missami- A vast Sisth House base with the usual gang of nasties, but little loot but for the Sixth House bell hammer.


Mount Kand Cavern- In a Tribunal Temple quest, you’ll answer riddles from three atronachs in these deep, dark caves.


Nallit- An odd combination: A sorcerer, a savant, and a Dremora. Want to bet the Dremora is the fastidious one?


Nammu- In a rather involved Imperial Cult quest, you’ll explore this sorcerer’s cave to retrieve the legendary Ring of the Wind and rescue an apparent prisoner.


Nissintu- A mid-sized smuggler’s cave with heroic loot in the innermost room.


Nund- This smuggler’s cave is small, but it is packed with stuff to steal—potions, in particular.


Odaishah- A host of Daedra and spellcasters welcome you to their cave. Loot is fair- a mix of potions and scrolls.


Odibaal- This cave is the lair of a group of low-level bandits. There are lots of crates and barrels of reagents and low-level equipment, but nothing very valuable.


Ordinarmat- Another bandit cave. Like many bandit caves, it’s loaded with loot- some quite good and uncommon.


Palansour- A smuggler’s cave in which you’re not the smuggler’s biggest problem. You’ll learn what that means in a Miscellaneous quest. Two entrances. One by the boat with the viciously clawed smuggler along the river to the Northwest.


Panat- Good-sized bandit cave with four baddies, three slaves, and a great loot item: A Dwarven halberd in the first room.


Pinsun- Lots of loot in this smuggler’s cave. One other thing: lots of smugglers!


Piran- A huge Sixth House facility with surprisingly little loot.


Pulk- A relatively small bandit cave with the usual huge haul of mundane bandity loot. An exception: the contents of a chest in a deep pool in the far reaches of the cave.


Punabi- You’ll stop by here to remid Manwe to pay her guild dues in a Mages Guild quest.


Punammu- You’ll find diamonds in ths huge bandit cave.


Punsabanit- A large smuggler’s cave with tons of loot…and almost as many Nix-Hounds as smugglers!


Rissun- A rather small Sixth House base with great loot, especially from the chest in the final room.


Salmantu- Almost no loot in this comparatively small Sixth House base.


Sanabi- Lots of bandits defending very little loot. One of them, however, has the rare Sword of White Woe- valued at 17,000 gold. A sparse assortment of enchanted jewelry, scrolls, and soul gems.


Sanit- A large Sixth House base.


Sargon- You’ll visit this huge, well-populated, and potentially lucrative cave in a Fighter’s Guild quest.


Saturan- The occupants of this cave, a group led by Daldur Sarys, are to be exterminated in a Fighter’s Guild quest. Six slaves to be freed, and seven baddies to be killed.


Sennananit- A mid-size Sixth House base, with respectable loot.


Sha Adnius- A small-ish bandit cave with three bandits and a modest supply of bandit loot. Six Argonian and Khajiit slaves to be freed.


Shal- Skink-In-The-Trees-Shade sends you to this necromancer’s cave to kill its inhabitant- the Dunmer sorceress Telura Ulver.


Shallit- You’re sent to kill the outlaw Rels Tenim in a Fighter’s Guild quest. Don't explore the linked tomb if you want to do all the vampiric quests.


Sharapli- A substantial Sixth House base. And a Daedra seems to have snuck in here as well!


Shurinbaal- You’re sent to this smuggler’s cave in a Redoran quest to kill the ringleaders. But come back soon, finish off their colleagues, and loot the 27 containers at your leisure.


Shushan- A good-sized bandit cave with a nice stock of gold and gems.


Shushishi- A hard to find bandit’s cave. You’ll explore it in a Miscellaneous quest for Aeta Wave-Breaker.


Sinsibadon- Six slaves can be freed (with the proper key) in this large bandit lair. Only four baddies, and minor loot.


Subdun- One of the bigger bases of the Sixth House cult. If you shut it down, you’ll shut off the flow of Dreamers, Sleepers, and nightmares in Ald Velothi, Gnisis, and Khuul areas.


Sud- A new wizard needs a new staff. If you don’t have one when it’s time for your promotion, your pals at the Mages Guild will suggest, ever so discreetly, that you take the staff from Anime, who lives in this huge lair.


Surirulk- Bandit cave. Not big enough to get you lost. Well populated with good loot.


Tin-Ahhe- A small smuggler’s cave.


Ulummusa- This tiny smuggler’s cave contains a special engraved silver bowl, which you can return to its rightful owner in a Miscellaneous quest. The bowl is guarded by the Nord <ahem!> Godrod Hairy-Breeks.


Urshilaku Burial Caverns- The Main Quest takes you to this huge cavern system to retrieve the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul. The ghost of Sul-Senipul is in Juno burial, and you’ll need a silver or enchanted weapon to take it down. There’s tons of good loot, including glass armour and weapons, scattered throughout the cave system. The Magebane sword is best found by levitating in the main chamber.


Yakanalit- 57 containers in this massive cave system. Enough said.


Yakin- You’re sent into this large Sixth House base in a Mages Guild quest to capture the soul of an Ash Ghoul.


Yasamsi- The smugglers in this cave have killed the a woman, and her ghost haunts the local clairvoyant, Okur. You’ll have to recover the woman’s amulet in an Imperial Cult quest to put her spirit at rest.


Yesamsi-Two sorcerers are holed up in this cave, along with good loot and the odd atronach.


Zainsipilu- You’ll need to visit this cave and wipe out the ringleader either alone, or with your hired help in a stronghold quest in House Hlaalu.


Zaintirari- Sarayn Sadus, the target of a Morag Tong writ, is hiding out in this all-purpose baddie cave.


Zanabi- Four smugglers are holed up in this bandit’s cave with lots of smuggler stuff, Nix-Hounds, and some ash statues.


Zebabi- Big bandit cave with the usual nice loot- and a Dwemer battleaxe as the star item.


Zenarbael- There’s four enemies in this cave, along with (oddly) two mudcrabs, and lots of eminently stealable stuff.





Dunmer Strongholds


Andraseth- A Redoran quest sends you here to recover the four Banner shields of four suspected dead guards. They are, alas, dead, and have been dumped unceremoniously in a locked room in the second level of the stronghold. Five enemies defend the level with the corpses, and seven guard the first level.


Berendas- This somewhat crumbling fort has been completely occupied by Daedra. In addition to the two floors of the fort, there's an extensive underground cavern system. The Boots of the Apostle, the target of a quest given by Lalatia Varian in Ebonheart, are on the dead body of a hero, near a pair of Winged Twilights. The Propylon Chamber on top of the Fort will allow you to travel to a pair of other forts, Andasreth and Falasmaryon, if you have their respective indexes. Use levitate to meet a god in disguise.


Falasmaryon- A Sixth House base. A dead body on the lower keep has a full set of glass armour, and the secret master of Marksman lives in the rooftop dome. Plenty of Sixth House creatures on the middle levels, and some mediocre loot. Clearing out the Sixth House shrine and killing Dagoth Tanis and getting Irer Nervion's ancestor ring are a House Redoran quests from Faral Retheren.


Falensarano- A seeming refuge for outcast sorcerers and Daedra. Alfaedil Elf-Hewer, the Axe secret master, lives here as well next to an ominous collection of skulls.


Hlormaren- A seeming baddie hive. Brilnosu Llarys is a Morag Tong writ target on the rooftop, and there are quite a few slaves to be freed from the cells on the lower level. The Andraseth Index can be found on a shelf in the dome, along with two slaves. All of the NPC’s on the top and middle levels are hostile. A sewer exit provides quick access to the water outside. Also, plenty of skooma and moon sugar, especially in the crates in the lower level.


Indoranyon- This odd stronghold seems to have an enchanted door- it takes you to a twisted complex of tunnels, infested with Daedra and worshippers, with a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon. Quorwynn is the secret master of Enchant- he is by the exit door. Not much loot besides what you may find on Daedra and the worshippers.


Khogoruhn- This is a stop for you in an advanced Main Quest mission. As an initiation rite for the Urshilaku tribe, you are sent here to get three tokens: Corprus weepings, the Shadow Shield, and a cup of House Dagoth. The unique sword Fury is found on one of the few lucrative dead adventurers on the lower levels. The caves underneath the stronghold are Sixth House crypts- Daedric Gauntlets, among other treasures, can be found there. A Temple quest takes you here as well, to retrieve the Hair Shirt of St. Aralor, which is on a dead Ordinator outside.


Marandus- Plenty of baddies to fight here, on all levels. Three sentries outside, and many more on the lower levels. A guaranteed ebony weapon in the chest in the dome. Redoran members do not have to worry about being attacked by the habitants of this stronghold. All others, beware.


Rotheran- An Imperial Cult quest takes you to this Dunmer stronghold to secure the release of Adusamsi Assurnarairan. Llaren Terano has Assurnarairan’s ring and robe, as well as the Ice Blade of the Monarch. Rotheran is structured differently than most strongholds- it has a large arena replacing the usual three levels. It still has the useful Proplyon chamber, however. The Proplyon Index is in the dome-hut.


Telasero- Youll need to rescue Sondaale of Shimmerene in a Fighter’s Guild quest. Careful- the base is full of Dreamers and other creatures of the Sixth House. The Telasero Proplyon Index can be found in a bin on the lower level, along with some other modest loot.


Valenvaryon- Unlike other strongholds, this one has no interior, except for the rooftop transport chamber. Hostile Orcs on the surface and in the rooftop huts provide a healthy opposition and a good source of Orcish armour. A statue of Malacath adorns the rooftop ashpit. Inside the Propylon Chamber is Abelle Chriditte, the master trainer of Alchemy.







Akimaes Grotto- This grotto contains nothing but some water creatures. Near the grotto there's an abandoned rowboat containing a few chests of reagents.


Eluba-Addon Grotto- This is another large grotto that has a number of pearl-producing Kollop shells and sea creatures, but no treasure.


Illanipu Grotto- This grotto transforms into a cave. It's almost as empty as most grottos except it has a dead adventurer's body up on a ledge you can reach through levitation. The body has a low-level magical weapon and some grandmaster thief tools.


Madas Grotto- This huge grotto is almost entirely full of water. It doesn't contain anything other than sea creatures and Kollops shells.


Malmus Grotto- This grotto is less water-filled than most grottos. There's a land bridge leading to a separate section in which a drowned corpse lies, with a silver longsword piercing it. There are no valuable items on the corpse, however.


Mudan Grotto- Through this grotto you will find a Lost Dwemer Checkpoint. The Right Tower has the corpse of Peke Utchoo, whose key opens the underwater table in the Checkpoint The table contains a second key to the Central Vault, where you will find a Steam Guardian guarding a locked (lvl. 100) wardrobe with the Dragonbone Cuirass in it. Some lesser loot on the surrounding shelves.


Mul Grotto- There's nothing in this large grotto other than some water creatures and Kollop shells.


Nimawia Grotto- This grotto is empty, apart from a few pearls, slaughterfish, and Dreugh.


Vassamsi Grotto- This grotto is huge, but doesn't contain any hidden treasure. There are several sea creatures to fight, however, and you can collect the pearls from the Kollop shells.


Zalkin Grotto- Nothing but sea critters, Kollop shells and seaweed.







Abandoned Shipwreck- In the captain's cabin of this ship you can find an invoice for 40 pillows to be delivered to Drarayne Thelas in Balmora. You can find the pillows in the lower hold.


Ancient Shipwreck- This shipwreck is completely water-free, but doesn't contain anything of interest other than some moon sugar and a unique, unreadable book.


Derelict Shipwreck- This shipwreck has a Grand Soul gem and a skeleton.


Deserted Shipwreck- This submerged vessel has a few crates of reagents and potions and is home to a few slaughterfish.


Desolate Shipwreck- This wreck contains nothing of great value.


Forgotten Shipwreck- This half-submerged ship has only a couple of small locked chests with some gold.


Lonely Shipwreck- This wreck has little for treasure, other than some random reagents and potions.


Lonesome Shipwreck- This wreck is completely submerged, so you'll need a Water Breathing spell (and preferably also a Night Eye spell) to explore it well. There are a few crates and barrels with basic weapons and reagents.


Lost Shipwreck - This wreck is almost entirely submerged and is occupied by a few Slaughterfish. It doesn't contain anything of value.


Neglected Shipwreck- contains some reagents and soulgems.


Obscure Shipwreck- contains a Dwemer weapon and some locked crates, but few valuables.


Remote Shipwreck- This half-submerged vessel contains a few corpses, barrels and crates, but nothing of value.


Shunned Shipwreck- This wreck is mostly submerged, but contains an odd assortment of low-level soul gems, reagents and pillows.


Strange Shipwreck- Some potions and reagents, random low level and a book.


Unexplored Shipwreck- This wreck contains some Ash Statues.


Uncharted Shipwreck- Two rats may plague your conquest of these four crates of skooma and a sack with 100 gold.


Unexplored Shipwreck- This wreck contains some Ash Statues.


Unchartered Shipwreck- Note the live, hostile skeleton on the top. Sparse gold in the cabin and clothes in the cargo hold.


Unmarked Shipwreck- Contains some a crate of glass armour on the lower level.


Wreck of the Prelude- A couple of decent magic items are still in this boat, as well as a couple of undead. The Daedric Wakizashi in a chest is the target of a Hlaalu quest.





Egg Mines


Abaelun Mine- Morrowind’s one and only diamond mine. Small but rich, and guarded by Imperial troopers.


Abaesen-Pulu- Most of this eggmine’s creatures are blighted.


Abebaal- The slaves here have revolted. Kill them or secretly free them in a Telvanni quest, do it even if not Telvanni. Elmussa Damori gives you a key to this mine after completing a House Hlaalu quest.


Ahallaraddon- Another grotto-like eggmine.


Ahanibi-Malmus- A blighted egg mine.


Akimaes-Ilanipu- A small eggmine with blighted enemies.


Asha-Ahhe- An eggmine and a witch’s lair. Thelsa Dral and her escorts are to be killed in an Imperial Cult quest.


Ashimanu- You’ll remove a diseased Shalk from this eggmine in a Redoran quest.


Band- A fairly large eggmine with more weapons than usual.


Caldera- This large newly-chartered ebony mine is the source of bad feelings between Houses Hlaalu (who got the charter) and Redoran (who wanted it). In a pair of Redoran quests, you’ll visit the mine to obtain evidence of corruption, and then again to shut down the operations.


Dissapla Mine: Nix-Hounds have gotten into this glass mine. Rescuing a healer from its depths is a Fighter’s Guild quest.


Dunirai Caverns- You’ll deliver some flin to the miners here in a Fighter’s Guild quest.


Elith-Pal Mine- Though the Imperial guards seem a touch out of place, they’ll still make you regret stealing the ebony from this mine. Deliver flin here in a Fighters' Guild quest


Eluba-Addon- A small Kwama eggmine.


Eratammus-Sennammu- A good-sized eggmine with blighted enemies.


Gnisis- An Imperial legion quest spinoff takes you to the Underground Stream to investigate the murder of an innocent Dunmer. You'll also cure the blighted Queen in another Legion quest. A Mages Guild quest from Edwinna requires you to check out the recently uncovered Dwemer ruin in the eggmine, Bethamez, and bring back all plans/books found. A key can obtained from the sentry outside with a bribe or membership in the Legion, or from the village’s hetman. There is also a river entrance to the mine that needs no key.


Hairat-Vassamsi- A large egg mine with blighted enemies. See the Maar Gan Outpost’s memorial to the warrior killed here.


Halit Mine- This mine is a well-populated, operating glass mine. Contains numerous raw glass deposits.


Hawia- No surprises in this typical eggmine.


Inanius- You’ll sabotage this egg mine by killing its Queen in a Hlaalu quest- you can also extort money from its owner, Avon Oran.


Madas-Zebba- Lots of Kwama eggs and lots of Kwama. Blighted Kwama.


Maelu- An ordinary, mid-size eggmine.


Maesa-Shammus- A blighted eggmine with a dead Redguard in Imperial armour behind some rocks. With a Daedric Dai-katana.


Massama Cave- A large glass mine infested with Nix-Hounds and rats.


Matus-Atin- A giant eggmine, with blighted enemies and dead miners.


Missir-Dadalit- A tidy L-shaped egg mine.


Mudan-Mul- A blighted egg mine with modest dimensions. You'll cure the Kwama Queen in a Telvanni quest.


Panabit-Nimawia- This eggmine inside the Ghostfence has a dead miner and a dead adventurer. And guess what? Blighted enemies.


Panud- A compact egg mine.


Pudai- In a Fighter’s Guild quest, you’ll search this remote eggmine for the seven Fabled Eggs of Gold.


Sariminsun-Assa- A petite egg mine.


Setus- A peaceful, watery eggmine with no items of note.


Shulk- You’ll kill some Kwama poachers in a Fighters' Guild quest and then back again to kill scribs for their scrib jelly in an Imperial Cult ingredient-harvesting quest.


Shurdan-Raplay- A typical egg mine, except it has a blighted queen, which you'll have to cure in order to establish a Hlaalu stronghold.


Sinamusa- A rather large, but otherwise undistinguished eggmine.


Sinnaralit- A good-sized eggmine.


Sudanit Mine- A huge Redoran-operated mine. Dark and full of ebony. Shutting it down is an option in a Hlaalu quest.


Sur- A petite egg mine with a lava 'fountain' in its depths.


Vansunalit- This mid-size egg mine looks more like a grotto than an egg mine.


Vassir-Didanat Cave- Turning your knowledge into profit is a reward reaped from finding this lost ebony mine.


Yanemus Mine- An ebony mine run by Ashlanders. The lack of miners here (only three) might lead to some personal gain.


Yassu Mine- Infested with Nix-Hounds and Imperial troopers, commerce marches on in this glass mine, even inside the Ghostfence.


Zalkin-Sul- A blighted eggmine.









PM me with questions/flames/suggestions.

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