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The Revival of Neverwinter Nights Campaign


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Now that BEAMDOG has announced that they are working on Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, it mean's different things to all different people.

For the people that played the game and are still playing it today, 16 years after it's launch, it is very exciting news.

For some people that have never heard of the 2002 Neverwinter, they will watch a video somewhere see the graphics are old and dated, and that will be it, that will be the end of it, they will never buy and play it for that reason. Not knowing all the things Neverwinter Nights has to offer.

Some people that did not play BG,BGII and ID back in the day, but played the enhanced versions on PC and on their phones and tablets and fell in love with them, or even those that did play them back in the day are still in love with them, some of them will come back just for the nostalgia.

Others may see or think beamdog is slapping another enhanced edition on another game just to make a quick buck, and not buy into it......yes....there are some people feel that way.

Some people have played both NWN1....and NWN2 and they feel NWN2 was better and think its a waste of time and money so they won't buy into it....yes there are those too.

The point I am trying to get to is this, Neverwinter Nights is not Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale or Planescape. But to many people, Neverwinter is just that, it is just another old game. It is just another game where you make a character, kill some monsters, it has a story that has a beginning a middle and a end, and that is it, you beat the game, you got your money's worth, the end.

But that is NOT what Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition IS, those things are there yes,it has over 100+ hours of content right out of the box,but neverwinter is so much more that.It is not just a old game with a beginning a middle and a end.

It is a game that has NOT ended in the 16 years sense it's launch. slowed down yes, ended no, even the original developers tried to end it,they shut down the main site and the original forums.but it has continued to live on through modders and people that did not want it to end, A game that is not a true MMO or MMORPG that still has online persistent worlds that have persisted..... for 16 years. Something a lot of game's cannot say.

It is a D&D based game that gives people the tools and lets non expert and expert game developers make their own 3d worlds, write their own stories based in the D&D universe. Something that well...very few games even today can say.

This is a game that can reach and be played by a lot of new gamers, indie developers and fans of games like rpg maker that want more than just a 2d game. Or minecraft players or any people that play any sandbox game that may want more tools and want to learn and do more.

tools simple enough that normal people can use,but with capabilities that most modern sandbox games cannot match.there are even videos on the internet of teachers in schools teaching beginner game developers with this game.

It is a game with no end,in possibilties. With the success of Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition, who know's it might even pave the way for a new modern game that has modern tools and modern graphics that gives all of these things and more.

So that is what this Discussion is about, getting the word out to eveyone,everywhere, about what Neverwinter Nights IS. Going to all the gaming sites,all the modding sites,all social media sites and telling people what Neverwinter Nights IS.that it is coming back,why those that have never played the game should be excited. also make sure they know this is not the same as the mmorpg neverwinter. And let modders that may have moved on know why they should come back.

BEAMDOG is putting its time and money into this game.the team working on the Enhanced Edition has along many others Mark Brockington (who wrote the scripting and multiplayer systems among many others), Jason Knipe (who wrote the Aurora graphics engine) Trent Oster, the original project director. Mark, Jason and Oster all worked on the original game.they know what can and cannot be enhanced.And what they do, or do not do, will not be is based on the support of this game. beamdog can do things,but it is the players,the people that will buy the game, the people that will play it,the people that will bring it back and keep it alive.

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It's funny because last month I got this urge to play through it again. I'm currently nearing the end of HOTU and also ran through the player made "Shadowlords" and "Dreamcatcher" campaigns, and made a character to play the premium modules for the first time. I never could get into the original campaign, but SOU especially has a place in my heart, (mostly because Deekin the intrepid kobold campaign!) I've slapped the PRC onto everything, absolutely amazed what a community of players had been able to create to bring their favorite rules of the PnP game into NWN.

Besides the Steam page, are there any news announcement yet? I'm really curious if they're going to keep NWN at 3/3.5 or if they'll update the rules with whatever edition is currently out.

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