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Vortex Alpha Release


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It's simple & powerful. Many thanks to nexus team for this amazing tool!. I hope to see it grow, day by day. Who knows, maybe in couple of years everyone will switch to Votex.
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An initial impression. In my (always humble) opinion, Vortex has the best UI of any mod manager that I've used in my 10+ years as a Nexus member. I've used OBMM (still love it), FOMM, MO, MO2, Wrye Bash, and NMM. For simplicity and ease of use, the Vortex UI appears to be the best of the lot. I'm looking forward to putting Vortex through its paces. Edited by Augusta Calidia
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In response to post #57591511.

sopmac45 wrote: """ Because of the (now) archaic way that NMM handles files in the data folder, we recommend disabling any mods you have installed in NMM (or switching to an empty profile, that will in turn clear up any files NMM has placed in your game data folder) if your import to Vortex is successful. This is because Vortex and NMM both try to keep track of which files they've installed, and using multiple modding tools for the same game at the same time makes that difficult. If you need to revert back to NMM, you can simply disable Vortex and reapply your NMM profile to return your setup to how it was before. """

... thanks for the release Dark0ne. Got questions before putting my hands on Vortex and they are based on your above statement :

- Should I first import from Vortex all my mods from NMM or deactivate my mods in NMM first ? Sorry if it does sounded silly or stupid but I just want to be sure before clicking ...
- Can I tell Vortex to just import some mods or not to import some that I do not want to have in my next play through or can I delete some of them once they are all imported ?
- I do not mind to start a new game from scratch at all ( Skyrim SE ) and if so, I will donwload all my new mods via Vortex, is it better this way rather than importing ?

Thanks a lot one more time. I will provide my feedback thru the right channel. :)

I might be able to help you here, but keep in mind I'm in no way affiliated with the Nexus and this is just a personal advice given out of experience with both managers:

This is not the "how to port your NMM mod install over to Vortex and live a happy life", this is a "How to test Vortex using your already downloaded mods, without incurring into NMM generated issues and at the same time keep your old NMM mod install setup and the ability to restore it".

- You should use the Vortex "Import from NMM" function right away, at this stage Vortex doesn't perform any activity over your game install/settings, it just import your current "mod install setup" and, if you choose to do so, mod archives.

Then if you really want to be sure everything works as intended I suggest you to follow these steps:
- Open NMM, create a new profile and switch to it (to keep your current profile intact), go in the Tools menu, select "Uninstall all active mods", get some popcorns and wait.
- (Follow this step only if you read clearly what happens during this process) If you really want to be thorough and make sure you have a clean game folder, go back in the Tools menu and select "Purge unmanaged files": this process will remove all files NMM doesn't recognize as base game files or as currently managed by NMM itself, the "base game files" list is not up to date with Creator Club stuff so those files will most likely be removed by it, don't worry, after this step go in Steam, right-click on your game, select Properties, Local Files, and then click on "Verify Integrity of game files" this will fix any missing/edited base game files.
- Now you can finally go back to Vortex and start managing your game with it, enjoy!

- If you want to test your imported NMM mod setup into Vortex you just need to enable the imported profile! Edited by DuskDweller
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So, my birthday is at the end of May, and I was just thinking...


Maybe Dark0ne will release the beta in time for my birthday!




Thank you, Dark0ne, Tannin, Kit, and the rest. Too many to name, too little time and space to do it. :D

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Looking forward to giving it a test run when I get home from work, but I do have a question that you may or may not be able to answer at this stage. Will Vortex ever have the functionality of OBMM and other game specific mod managers? What I mean is, could I install an OMOD file through Vortex? Before I had to install those specific mods for Oblivion, such as COBL, through OBMM because it was needed for that kind of mod, and then I could install all normal mods through NMM. That's a bit of a pain to jump between two different mod managers just to get everything to work. I'm not sure if NMM actually supports OMOD files, but every time I tried it didn't work so I'm assuming it doesn't. It would just be nice to have a one stop shop for my modding rather than keeping multiple tools around.. Obviously I can't expect that to happen, as wonderful as it would be to have the Dragon Age: Inquisition Mod Manager,Wrye Bash/BAIN, and ME3Explorer/texmod integrated as part of Vortex so I could mod those games through it as well. Edited by LordNyron
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