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Do not put mods/downloads into your Vortex install directory!


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As someone who has modded like three times in the past ten years, isnt this obvious?

Like, steam lets you access all the game directories, just put your mods in there where theyre supposed to be?



Vortex has specific folders for mod downloads and installations. Putting the mods directly in the game folders defeats the purpose of using Vortex.

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FWIW, I found expanded mod files under my local Roaming profile. That means, by default, if you are part of a domain (as I am), and still have a roaming profile (as I had to give up due to it being too slow due to too many apps storing large amounts of data in the roaming profile), it will cause a significant impact to logon/logoff times (as all files are checked for mod times to see if they need updating from your local server). Even on a 10Gbit local connection, such a check is abysmally slow.


At they very least, they should have put them in local settings, which would normally correspond to what games you've installed on your device. Many (most?) games won't automatically work if you login from a different machine, so putting settings in the Roaming profile for games that won't roam is just next to abusive to the user (besides being of questionable design).

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