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Do not put mods/downloads into your Vortex install directory!


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Well, the more you know, eh? :smile:


-Edit- I now remember the primary reason for why I didn't have Vortex on C; because all my games etc. are installed on G, and Vortex said that it should be on the same HD, I installed it on G as well. And since it didn't occur to me that it'd delete mods in its own directory, I set it to download and keep the mods there, simply to reduce the clutter.


I'm sure there's a perfectly valid, technical reason for why it cleans itself in such a way when updating, but I'm not a programmer and can't imagine what that reason might be.

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You only need to reassign the mod directory to G: I wouldn't consider this additional clutter since data and application are kept separate anyway.


For one thing, this is not something that Vortex does, it's a widely spread Installer framework which we use with mostly default settings. We would have to go out of our way to get it to not remove extra files.

And that's the perfectly valid technical reason: It would be a lot of extra work and would create an entirely new class of bugs (where files that were supposed to be removed were left around and then waste space or may even cause trouble in the new version), all to support a use case that we never said or even implied we supported.

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By the way, Tannin...


I don't think that the "userdata" directory should point to AppData\Roaming!


Roaming is meant to be synchronized over the network (if the computer happens to be in a Windows Domain and the domain is set up to use roaming profiles). Definitely not the place you want to store your mods...


And even AppData\Local is less than optimal, because it's basically invisible to the "normal" User and is not backed up by standard Windows mechanisms.


I'd think that Documents\My Games\Vortex is a much better choice for the standard base directory.



/edit: Sorry for being Off Topic. Delete if you want.

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I don't install anything to C, let alone Program Files. As a general rule of thumb, last time I knew, that was the first thing to avoid when modding (ie avoid putting games and mods and modding tools to protected directories).


This is a bad rule.

It's probably advice given for Morrowind, 15 years ago by people who didn't know better at the time and since then people follow it like it's been brought down from a mountain on a stone tablet.



Well I feel quite stupid now, I just learned I've been listening to the guys with the stone tablets.

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Because that's the default setting of Vortex. You can change it (and you should in my opinion). But why they chose "AppData\Roamin" as the default, is beyond me.

While I can't speak for Tannin, I assume it's because that's where that data is actually supposed to go according to Microsoft (source: https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/05/03/getting-started-with-roaming-app-data/).

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