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I figured that as EVE is such a massive and confusing game, it might be a good idea to have a little list of all the helpful resources out there to explain how it all works. I have vivid memories of spending 3 hours trying to find out how sovereignty worked, so something like this is probably fairly useful. :P

  • Drone Bay Podcast - This is a very interesting podcast that is aimed at newer players - it gives some useful tips and pointers.
  • EVE University - A corporation whose sole aim is to train and guide new players through the early stages of the game. The website also contains many useful guides and resources, but you may need to be a member to access some of them.
  • EVE-wiki - Just what it says: a wiki on EVE. Has a couple of thousand articles.
  • The Official EVE Knowledgebase - Fairly comprehensive, but can be hard to understand, and parts of it are out of date.
  • Ultimate EVE New Player Guide - From the official forums. Lists a fair few guides which new players will find very useful.
  • EVE-Guides - A great website containing many more guides for new and experienced players, and also a great character generator.
  • E-UNI Class archive - Just a big collection of recordings of the various classes held by e-uni, includes all sorts of topics from basic fleet movement to Trading 101 to Individuality and freedom in EVE (a guest lecture by Jade Constantine, in case you hadnt guessed that already :P)
  • The EVE Compendium - A big compendium of guides covering a large variety of different aspects of EVE. Parts of it are slightly out of date, but still relevant.
  • Ombey's EVE maps (PDF) - An excellent collection of 2d maps of eve, extremely useful for finding your way around.
  • EVE Central - For price checks, and can also help discover trade routes. Based on player submissions, so not always 100% accurate, but usually close enough.
  • Jump Planner - An invaluable tool for capital pilots, does pretty much what it says on the tin :P

Thats all I can think of for now, if anyone knows of anymore, let me know and I'll add them in. :)

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Dark0ne posted these links in another topic but these links belong here.


EVE-Survival : MissionReports

Contains information on all the missions available in Eve and tells you what damage the rats deal and what damage you should be dealing. It also provides you with handy information on how to complete the missions easily.



Eve Online - Pirates & NPC's

Contains defensive and offensive information on every rat in the game -- just enter the name of the rat into the search and it'll all come up.


Maybe this topic should be pinned.





inEvE Skills Showroom

Upload your skills for others to see

Check other pilot's skills, including the top 10 ranked pilots (skillwise)

The site also has statistics and information on Eve skills, implants, ships and pilots; Eve blogs; Eve TV.



Nov. 1 2008 Edit:


Eve Fitting Tool (EFT)

To test and save ship fittings



Most useful for skill tracking and planning


Eve Online

The official Eve Online site. Download the game, forums, blogs etc.

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Ombey's EVE maps - fantastic resource for exploring the dark corners of the universe






EVE Central - for price checks. Not always accurate, but gives a good idea what things cost where





Jump planner - invaluable tool for capital pilots



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Don't think we have listed




This site lets you search the old Eve forums. Most useful to get information, and to look up players and their posting history.


Another site I use occasionally for Eve related pleasure is:


Eve Avatar Face-Off.


Enter your character name and let others vote on your various attributes. Challenge the attributes of other characters etc.

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This thread has been introduced to enable existing members to provide helpful Hints and Tips to other members.


Members can then, find the answers more quickly, if a particular topic is already covered here.


If you want to post in this thread, let me know

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Also if people are interested in starting to play eve or wanting to join a corp inside they should give my corp a look :smile: and join WAPPY PUB channel in game or convo suzuka mei

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