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mod load order txt file cant get it to work


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I am trying to use a mod load order file since I added several mods to my game however it disables all mods when I do. I made a mod_order.txt file in my kdc mods folder and this is what it looks like

# Comment
I have tried it with and with out the # comment at the top and also without mod_ in front of all the mods names. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong.
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I assume that the mod names don't have the trailing _#

Just use the mod names in the order you want them to load.

If the mod is "mod_UltimateRealismOverhaul_ALL-IN-ONE", it won't be found if the game is searching for one named "mod_UltimateRealismOverhaul_ALL-IN-ONE_1".

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This is how my mod_order.txt file looks like...



# Comment


Ceanos UI

Ceanos Gameplay

Ceanos Weapons

Ceanos Armors


...and the mods name is exactly the same, but it still don't work?



EDIT: Never mind found what the problem was, the mod folder can't be named like this...


Ceanos UI


...it must be named like this...



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