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Can't interact with 'E' button


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So, today I was at the hunting part of the game (the challenge), and ran into a couple of issues. Pretty big issues, as i cant progress with the game.
Firstly, I wasn't able to interact with the horse saddlebag to bring the wine or the bacon. That was fine, I used the Cheat mod to get the item and bypass it. Thought it was strange, but thought it was a one off.
Now the same thing has happened. I cant untie him from the tree.
It shows up like normal, saying press 'E', but when I press it, it doesn't work. I have restarted the game. Launched an earlier save. Reset key bindings. But to no avail. Strangely, I can press E for other things, like sleeping, or eating, talking, and anything else. But it seems quest interactions, don't work for some reason?
I'm using v.1.4.
Any help would be hugely grateful.
UPDATE:Updated to 1.4.2 to see if it would help, and gone back a small way...still the same issue.
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