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Possible Project Viability?


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Alright, so some close friends and I had an idea for a possible mod project that... we realize would be rather large in scale. There's four of us, currently, each with a moderate amount of both modding and programming experience in a multitude of different environments, but this would still be the first time any of us has made a mod for a game even similar to this, so we'd be learning as we go and as such, I figured I might first ask if what we're considering doing is... even doable, and if so, can we really expect to be able to do it without any very similar prior experience?


Now, forgive me if I'm a little cagey in some regards, we just don't want to be attacked for doing something many may see as unnecessary, or dislike, but that we all have our own personal reasons for wanting to do. (Hopefully if/when we can announce and release it we'll be able to have a good enough mod to show for it and be able to say "like the game without this mod? fine! don't use this mod!" and everything will be fine).


But basically we want to... not entirely rewrite, but rewrite a fair amount of one of the main companions. Specifically, the initial recruitment scene/dialogue, the normal dialogue you get when speaking to them about non-quest related things, many scenes/dialogues involved in their companion quest, and their ending slides.


There actually wouldn't be any change (at least that we can think of), to game mechanics or anything. Mainly it would just be changing a lot of text. The most complicated bits likely would be altering requirements for certain dialogue options, or adding personality modifiers or whatever you call them like [Passionate] or [stoic], and maybe some of the more complex dialogue trees.


Oh I suppose we'd probably want to alter quest journal entries to a minor extent as well.


Anyways. We're not looking at this right now from a workload standpoint, more of a "given that we'd be teaching ourselves as we go, can we realistically even hope to be able to do this" standpoint.


I realize that may not be an easy question to answer, but I thought I'd ask.

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