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What was the game that caused your gaming addiction to begin?


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The first Doom game. I played it as a kid 28 years ago when I was 7, and I still play it to this day. I'm pretty sure I could beat both Doom 1 and 2 blindfolded at this point.

Yes. I played it when I was 7, and I still turned out fine.

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Relax, barrettsfloyd. You're not the only aging gamer here. I passively played Pong and Atari's other offerings (Asteroids, Centipede, Pac-Man) on the 2600 back in the '80s but it wasn't until the first release of the Playstation that I became a full-on gaming addict with the game Diablo. I was so engrossed in that game that I lost my job.

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