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After fresh install of games and mods, Game is CTD upon opening inventory/menu


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I have the following mods installed:

BRB Reshade


Instant Herb Picking

Nude mod (female only)

Richer Merchants (10,000 Groschen option)

Stay Clean Longer, Get Dirty Gradually

Unlimited Weight

Unlimited Saving (no schnapps option)

Washing Deluxe (lets you wash in troughs)

Henry Grows a Beard

Sectorial Lockpicking (option with “occult symbols”)

Faster arrows (default “fastest” option)

Durable armors and weapons (100x longer durability flavor)


I installed all the mods manually without using Vortex and followed the installation instructions posted on Nexus for each one.

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

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