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Allow PDF Uploads

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I'm creating a PEO2 list of every quest available at the moment (there are 106)


The concept is to allow a player to have a checklist with thee QuestGiver, XP for the quest and associated info


We can't, currently, upload a PDF as a MOD but such facilities obviously benefit both player + Nexus


I'm aware that PDFs can be malicious so maybe a member of staff needs to check a PDF out first


If not allowed to release on Nexus I'll simply self-host the thing (here is better)

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you most certainly can upload a PDF file here

I have personally uploaded a PDF guide as a part of one of my small mods

if you can't just upload the file , archive it inside a Winrar or 7z archive and upload that


though I'm pretty sure PDFs don't really allow for modification , which sort of negates their viability as check lists

although I could be wrong on this

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