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Immersive Interview - Hothtrooper44


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Excellent interview! Hothtooper's armors are as well done as any I've seen. I especially appreciate that his armor sets for female characters are very realistic for the world environment: no steel bikinis, no SM outfits, no lingerie! They acknowledge the weather, the physical threats and violence by covering everything, as should be!


My daughter and I both play Skyrim, and she feels as I do re: the realism is a welcome change!


Thank you, Hothtrooper for your outstanding contribution to the quality of the game world!!!

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My dude Hothtrooper44, when i was looking for armor mods that fit the game i wanted, i came across your Immersive Armors mod, and decided to take a look. Boy was i happy about that decision! these armors are fantastic! then i discovered that you also had immersive weapons to go WITH your immersive armors, and i downloaded that too! I am enjoying all three of your mods immensly now, and i really appreciate the time and care you put into your mods. BEST MODS EVER!!!! Thank you for your contribution to the modding community, and i hope you have fair travels wherever you go.
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