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Can someone make a mod that increases the maximum number of survivors we can have in a community? 9 is too little, wish I could have like 20 atleast, if not more.

I've had as many as 11. Once you hit the "limit" they have to be gained through quests rather than just inviting.


There's one quest where one of your survivors knows some dude from a bar, and then it sorta hints that person had a crush on the dude's wife. Anyways, you end up meeting their daughter and you can invite her even if you're at limit.


The builder quest line features a series of quests near the end (probably after you've killed off all of the plague hearts) that allow you to add 2-3 more. The increased limit seems to remain valid in further playthroughs.

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+1 for that idea!

seriously, having a larger survivor limit would be awesomely game-changing.. State of Decay is the kinda game made to grow communities.


Hopefully, when modding gets a 'boost', we will be able to edit the script to achieve this goal, but theres possibilities that the limit was set in the engine..

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