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A new game about medieval history in the Middle East


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well , the video was uploaded a week ago , and it's pre alpha footage , so it's really hard to say anything about the game

in fact , it's quite likely that the game won't be anything like what the video shows (though I doubt it will be too different)

but I'm already seeing the reviews , calling it middle eastern souls or something like that.......


all in all , this could be an interesting project , though I somehow doubt they'll get the backing . kickstarter games have quite a terrible track record , so I wouldn't hold my breath with such projects , though I would love to be proven wrong in this case

remind us in 2 months , maybe there will be actual news worth discussing , as this is really too early to say anything about the game

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The problem with pre-alpha games is that about 95% of them never reach a gold status. Sad but true.

The graphics look quite polished and that's not necessarily a good sign for a pre-alpha.


- rudimentary gameplay first (should be fun and rewarding, especially in fighting games)

- tie gameplay to a good story and setting (basic, unpolished but interesting)

- polish and adjust gameplay to match story and setting (character abilities, magic, stealth, ...)

----> enter pre-alpha stage

- polish graphics (still not final release)



Also putting a random music track over the footage initially might be a great idea, because said footage might look more epic is not really a good idea in the long run.

It would have been better to use ingame sounds (footsteps, ambient, weapons, etc), because these are far more important.

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