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Well... Gladly (or not) it isnt just me. My luck is that the big textures mods from ME i can download with torrent.

Some downloads made to 100KB/s but very few, some stayed in 24KB/s and some in 0B/s.


Let's hope the devs fix this soon... :ermm:

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East coast US, getting 12 KB/s. Just started binging mods for skyrim again, and now their servers and/or service provider are eating dirt. I actually got all the mods I wanted before it got this bad, but unfortunately, I've come to realize that some of them got corrupted. Redownloading a 1 gigabyte file at 12 KB/s? Nah. I guess I'll just shelve it for now. I hope they fix this soon, or at least put together a blog post acknowledging and explaining the issue.

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