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Mod Bugs — Missing Strings

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Hi Nexus!


I'm having a bug with all my installed mods on PoE2: any custom images or descriptions included in things like items or abilities shows "Missing String 55558" or some other random 5 digit number (different for each instance). Any pictures display as white boxes with red ex's through them. To be clear: the mods seem to work as intended, with all items functioning properly, appearing properly in game, and so on and so forth, but I was wondering if anyone could help direct me to what I'm doing wrong to not see the descriptions and icons.


It happens with a wide variety of the mods I've used (subclass additions and item additions) but a sparse few seem unaffected by the bug. Any tips?



— Alex

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The numbers are IDs that point to the item description. Either the number is wrong or the description was never written (or there's a typo in the description XML).


Hi! In my hand cannon mod there's both custom icons and descriptions. There's a new mod by bmacintosh (he's an actual developer of the game) that overrides all of the icons. So maybe looking at the way those mods are structured might help you identify where's the difference.


So the most basic theory is either there's a path or id typo or the structure of the JSON or the XML is wrong (probably also because of a typo).

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could be a lot of reasons for that.
outdated/broken mods, wrong mods order, corrupted save or and also some vanilla bundle have some issue on that (check The Deck Of Many Strings mod) .
A way to found the culprit might be add one at time each mod, then exit to desktop and restart again and load your save, till you found the mod that causing the issue.
and btw try to check the game w/o any mod and also check file integtity via steam/gog

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