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Project Spotlight: Fallout Miami


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Всё классно ...

Майами, так Майами.

Пусть Фоллыч не выходит за пределы Североамериканских Штатов ... Хотя ... От экзотики китайского постапа я бы не отказался ... :-)

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AlexScorpion wrote: So why a Fallout Miami and not a Fallout Moscow or Fallout Warshaw or some other place outside US, a change would be nice.
Nexuspre wrote: Moscow will be a Great Location.
But we already got Stalker and Metro 2033, Games like these.
But who are we to discuss this its up to Modders :{
We are just Annoying Bluffs Internet Users that they see us as We are nothing to them.
AlexScorpion wrote: I wasn't talking about Moscow per se, just another location with another setting. I think that would be quite interesting.
AstroGazer wrote: There is upcoming mod - Fallout: London. Which is under construction. Not sure of release date. (There is also a Fallout: Tokyo in FONV.) (Fallout New California - which is out now) Yes, I still would enjoy a mod in Fallout Russia or China.
But this mod Miami looks great.

Vault-tec is american.
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